Research Paper Published by Dr. Aydin Oksoy on Power Distribution Between Investors and Entrepreneurs.

February 15, 2022
Submitted By: Irina Naoumova

Dr. Aydin Oksoy (Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Barney School of Business) has recently published a co-authored paper in the cross listed as business and law issue of the “Negotiation Journal” published by Harvard Law School. Read it here. 

The peer reviewed paper ‘Potential Power in a Quasi-Competitive Market” emphasizes the importance of the structure of a negotiation between investors and entrepreneurs. It shows how the negotiation power shifts being a function of that structure.  This paper equips entrepreneurs and investors with knowledge needed for developing their negotiation strategies, and also explains on steps in developing entrepreneurial ecosystem in terms of the free flow of capital and creative ideas.  It is also an important contribution to the set of experiential learning tools that could help students in better understanding of their future work environment.