The Philosophy of Theater

March 01, 2022
Submitted By: Brian D. Skelly

Please join us at our next online meeting of the University of Hartford Philosophy Club this Wednesday, March 2 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the following link:    

(Note: If the link above is not functional, then cut and paste it into your search line or URL line and hit “enter”. Meeting Password: Alive CwqT3MBG33 Toll-free call-in number: 1-877-668-4493     

Meeting Number (in case calling in): 171 628 0135)   

This week, Matthew Cote, a senior at CCSU, will be presenting an analysis of the philosophy of theater, story, and how story relates to our conception of the world. 

He will be drawing from sources such as Plato, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Michael Chekhov, Konstantin Stanislavsky and more. 

Some of the main questions he will be addressing are questions such as; 

What is theater at its essence? What is the purpose of theater? What can theater teach us and how do the stories we see influence us as individuals and as a culture? 

Matthew Cote is a theater major and philosophy minor. He is the current President of CCSU's Philosophy Club. He has acted and directed shows at CCSU, Hole in the Wall Theatre in New Britain, and ArtFarm in Middletown. Notable roles include George from Of Mice and Men, Tom from The Glass Menagerie, and Mark Antony from Julius Caesar. He hopes to continue the study of Philosophy with a Masters degree. His ultimate dream is to be a Professor of Philosophy in New York City. 

An ongoing weekly tradition at the University since 2001, the University of Hartford Philosophy Club is a place where students, professors, and people from the community at large meet as peers. Sometimes presentations are given, followed by discussion. Other times, topics are hashed out by the whole group.      

Presenters may be students, professors, or people from the community. Anyone can offer to present a topic. The mode of presentation may be as formal or informal as the presenter chooses.     

Please be a part of us as we continue this great tradition live and online.      

Brian D. Skelly, Philosophy