Honoring our UHart Linchpins

April 01, 2022
Submitted By: Office of Diversity and Community Engagement

The Women’s History Month Planning Committee would like to spotlight longtime staff members who identify as women and are linchpins of our campus community. These women keep our campus operating smoothly; without them we would be lost. They serve as frontline staff who demonstrate exceptional dedication to the University and others; often go above and beyond their job descriptions to help students, parents, faculty, colleagues, and the public; and rarely receive the recognition they deserve. The following “UHart Linchpins” were recognized by their colleagues as being essential to the success of our University. Please join us in honoring and thanking these linchpins of our community.

Tina Berrien

  • Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • 13+ years at UHart
  • “Tina is the ultimate connector; she ensures that all members of our community, whether employees, students, or visitors, feel welcome, provide answers to questions, or guide them to their destination.”

Ann Brown

  • Office Coordinator, Office of Residential Life
  • 17+ years at UHart
  • “Ann mentors these student leaders each and every day and never hesitates to be that ‘adult’ who challenges them to be better than they knew they could be. For these reasons and many more, Ann is a UHart Linchpin.”

Karen DeGrace

  • Executive Assistant to the Dean, Hartford Art School
  • 12+ years at UHart
  • “For over a decade Karen has been champion in the sport of administration because she has never missed: a day of work, a phone call, a detail in emails or minutes, a procedure for committees to follow, sending reminders and news, collecting signatures and votes, a typo or misplaced comma, helping craft an agenda—even crafting with yarn!”

Laurie Fasciano

  • Executive Assistant to the Dean, Hillyer College
  • 18+ years at UHart
  • “When I think of a linchpin--it's someone who connects lots of different constituencies and audiences, balancing the different needs and desires of those groups for the best of the University as a whole. Laurie does this with efficiency and grace and Hillyer College succeeds because of her dedication.”

Lynn Galvin

  • Assistant to the Vice President of Athletics & Recreation
  • 32+ years at UHart
  • “Lynn is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. She thinks and does all the little things for people and makes everyone feel comfortable in the work place. She is goes beyond what is expected and is willing to help everyone.”

Sally Henowitz

  • Academic Program Administrator, Summer & Winter Programs and University Interdisciplinary Studies
  • 19+ years at UHart
  • “In addition to making sure our office runs smoothly, she goes out of her way to engage with new community members to ensure their success. She volunteers to help students who need some extra time and attention. Yes, she is that kind of person. She listens, advises, and works to make UHart a better place.”

Amy Kopec

  • Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean of Students
  • 5+ years at UHart
  • “Amy is so kind, welcoming, and organized, all while supporting so many offices and student organizations. Amy and her work are integral to student success and creating a positive experience for our students.”

Patty Mahon

  • Executive Assistant to the Vice President and Director of Administrative Operations, Office of Institutional Advancement
  • 9+ years at UHart
  • “Patty serves so far beyond her role as the executive assistant to the VP, she is seen as a leader and a core resource within the entire office. If it's related to schedules, billing, travel, purchase orders, approved vendors, University processes, budget, supplies, or nearly anything else, Patty has taken the time to learn it and remember it so that she can continue offering strength to our office.”

Patty O’Donovan

  • Office Coordinator, Access-Ability Services
  • 25 years at UHart
  • “Patty is an incredible listener to colleagues and students alike, and will go out of her way to make lasting connections within our community. She takes time to make our students feel validated in their educational journey. As a longtime employee, I know that Patty is an incredible woman who deserves the honor to be recognized as a UHart Linchpin for her years of humble and impactful service at the University of Hartford.”

Lisa Peronace

  • Admission Coordinator
  • 20 years at UHart
  • “While her role can be thankless at times, so many students would not be able to come to UHart without her hard work.” “She can always be relied upon to research an issue fully to find a creative and efficient solution. Lisa never misses an opportunity to celebrate the success of her colleagues both professionally and personally. She is an unsung champion in Undergraduate Admission!”

Monica Rivera

  • Technical Administrator, Office of the Registrar
  • 5+ years at UHart
  • “She understands student and faculty/staff dynamics and can cut through the bureaucracy to help students understand processes, helping them become active participants in navigating University systems. We are lucky to have someone of her abilities and character working here at UHart.”

The UHart Linchpin initiative is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Community Engagement and the Women’s History Month Planning Committee.