Hartt Students, Professor Present at the North American Conference on Video Game Music

April 05, 2022
Submitted By: Karen Cook

Last weekend, Hartt graduate students Jenny Citarelli and John Michael Walker, and Hartt professor Karen M. Cook, presented recent research at the North American Conference on Video Game Music, which Hartt hosted in 2019. This year's conference was held in hybrid format, allowing participation either virtually or in-person at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA.

John Michael Walker (Master's student in music history) presented "Gamified Gender Dysphoria in the Music of Metroid," while Jenny Citarelli (DMA student in composition) presented "The Ludonarrative Ideal: Diegetic Commentary in the Pop Music of Steamworld Heist," a project she began last year in Hartt's graduate seminar on video game music studies. Dr. Karen Cook and colleague Andrew Powell (independent scholar) presented a preview of their current project, "Dan of the Dead: Music and Temporal (Dis)Placement in the MediEvil Series," which they are in the process of preparing for publication. 

For more information on NACVGM, please see the conference website.

Many of the pre-recorded presentations will be hosted later on the conference YouTube channel.

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