Late Night Breakfast Special for Both Students and Faculty-Staff Volunteers

April 28, 2022
Submitted By: Office of Marketing and Communication

Just before heading into exams, many University of Hartford students look back on more classes, books, papers, questions, answers, and newfound knowledge than they ever imagined. Which is why they get a pass when they attend the traditional Late-Night Breakfast where, according to one volunteer, they have access to more bacon than they can ever imagine. 

Held at the University Commons in the main residential dining hall, the spring celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, May 3, from 10 p.m. to midnight. (A winter break-fest is held in December.)

“Many university staffers and faculty members volunteer, and that not only adds to the fun, but also goes a long way toward managing the huge crowd of students that typically attend,” says Llonia L. Rojan Jackson ’94, director of cultural diversity and belonging in the Office of Student Engagement and Inclusion. Between 1,200 and 1,400 students are expected. “For me, it provides an opportunity to engage with students and to give back to the University in a meaningful way.” Jackson has been with UHart for seven years in a number of roles. This one may be among the most fulfilling—or on May 3, certainly one of the most filling!

After all, there are plenty of tater tots, bacon, and omelets to go around to provide students with much-needed "here-come-the-exams" comfort. “The omelet station is my thing!” Jackson notes proudly.

Omelet boasting isn’t rare at the Late Night Breakfasts. Torshia Maxwell, executive director of student engagement and inclusion, also stakes a claim as one of the best omeleteers. “Volunteering is a tangible act of service to students that shows my commitment to the success of our students,” says Maxwell, who has been involved now for 11 years. “Exam time is a stressful time, and it brings me great joy to know that I am filling bellies with yummy food made with love.”

Anne Whalen ‘08, a district marketing manager with Aramark, provider for UHart's Dining Services that helps put on the Late-Night Breakfast, says one of her goals is to gather as many volunteers as possible—but that always seems to work out, since the event remains so popular. “My Aramark responsibilities aren’t entirely dedicated to UHart, but since I’m an alumnus, it’s like home to me.”

In addition to all the food, there are prize raffles and lots of other activity as students mingle with friends old and new, commiserate with off-the-clock professors, and wonder aloud what life will be like after their exams.

Students, remember the date of May 3 for this spring's Late Night Breakfast.

Faculty and staff wanting to volunteer, please email Whalen at