Amy Schoenecker Publishes Chapter in New Edited Book

May 26, 2022
Submitted By: Amy Schoenecker

Assistant Professor Amy Schoenecker from the Department of Politics, Economics, and International Studies co-published a book chapter titled Essential, Contingent, Informal, and Infected: Work and Ethnicity During COVID-19. The chapter explores a Latinx neighborhood in Chicago, Little Village, that had the highest COVID-19 case counts early in the pandemic. Using original spatial data and census data, the chapter explains that the Latinx community in Little Village contracted COVID-19 at disproportionate rates because workers in this community overwhelmingly engage in essential, contingent, and informal work. Given that these types of jobs rarely come with a social safety net, and the work cannot be done from home, many workers had few options but to continue to work during the early days of the pandemic. The chapter appears in "The Color of COVID-19: The Racial Inequality of Marginalized Communities" edited by Sharon A. Navarro and Samantha L. Hernandez. The book is published by Routledge and just became available for pre-order.