Jennifer and Lawrence Rosado Publish Book

May 03, 2022
Submitted By: Molly Polk

Kudos to the University's own Lawrence Rosado, digital media manager, and his wife, Jennifer (Miller) Rosado '94. Eight years ago Jennifer started a blog, My Alternate Universe, documenting her experiences with motherhood, autism, and anxiety. She has now published her own book via hybrid publishing, with the help of Lawrence for layout and design.

From the book’s description: With disarming candor, Rosado tells the story of her son’s challenging childhood years, her own need for control and lifelong battles with anxiety, and the ways that her son’s diagnosis of autism changed her perspective and view of the world. Rosado beautifully captures the sense of isolation, loss of identity, and yearning for ‘normal,’ while sharing the wisdom she gains from years of experience living a life completely unlike the life she had expected. This engaging memoir is not just about what it’s like to raise a child with autism; it’s about Rosado’s inspiring journey of acceptance, adaptation, and self-discovery in a strange, humbling, enlightening alternate universe.

You can find the book on Amazon if you would like your own copy.

Please join me in congratulating Lawrence and Jennifer on their awesome and inspiring accomplishment.