Space Grant Consortium RockOn 2022 Workshop

May 26, 2022
Submitted By: Office of Marketing and Communication
Left: Professor Enrico Obst and Right: Nicholas Comeau ‘22
Left: Professor Enrico Obst and Right: Nicholas Comeau ‘22
Finished Flight Deck

CETA's Professor Enrico Obst hosted the RockOn 2022 Workshop for interested CETA students. The RockOn Workshop is an annual project organized by the Colorado and Virginia Space Grant Consortium, where student teams work together through hands-on activities, to build a sounding rocket payload or RocketSat. The finalized project is launched by NASA through the workshop coordinators, and the hardware in the kit could be used on future RocketSat and possibly CubeSat flights!

The workshop included experience with constructing several electronic boards and components to be flown in launch conditions. Additionally, students developed programming skills to apply to the project and retrieve real-time data. The workshop was conducted virtually through live video sessions so students could interact with the Space Grant Consortium remotely.

The University of Hartford team was invited to the actual launch, expected to be held in June, or possibly the HASP (high altitude student payload) flight later in the summer.