UHart Student Success Specialist Shares College Prep Tips on Fox 61

July 18, 2022
Submitted By: Office of Marketing and Communication

There’s a big to-do list when you’re an incoming freshman preparing for your first semester of college.

Katie Kitchens, assistant vice president of the Division of Student Success at the University of Hartford, recently outlined some of those important reminders and deadlines on Fox 61 in a segment with anchor Angelo Bavaro. Here are some to keep in mind:

  • Double check deadlines. Schools typically require medical forms and vaccination information by a particular date, but there are also due dates for tuition payments and for registering for orientation.  

  • If a student has had an IEP (individualized education program) or other learning accommodation in high school, they are responsible for ensuring that information is given to their college. It's also important to see what parts of that program can continue in college.

  • Be sure to fill out any housing and roommate information and surveys. For example, UHart sends students a survey to make the best match for a roommate.

  • Inquire about Covid-related requirements if you haven't yet heard about them from your school. This may include details on masks and vaccinations.

Kitchens also reminded students and families that if they have a question or worry about a deadline, they should contact their school right away, as admissions teams work all summer to ensure a smooth transition for new students.

Watch the Fox 61 segment now to learn what else incoming students need to know.