Politics Show Hosted at UHart

September 16, 2022
Submitted By: Office of Marketing and Communication
Debate panel

Connecticut Public and the League of Women Voters of Connecticut hosted a live politics show Thursday evening at the University of Hartford, analyzing this year’s local elections and examining key platform issues.

The round-table discussion—which included Associate Professor Bilal Sekou—was held in place of the Secretary of the State debate that had originally been scheduled and was subsequently canceled due to unforeseen circumstances with one of the candidates.

The panel for the live show in UHart’s Lincoln Theater featured Sekou, along with Walter Smith Randolph, Frankie Graziano, and Colin McEnroe all of Connecticut Public. CPTV,, Connecticut Public’s radio stations, social media, and the League of Women Voter’s website broadcast the show live. View the recording here.

So, what can voters anticipate this year at the polls?

“I think the turnout is going to be higher than we expect,” said Sekou, an associate professor of political science at UHart’s Hillyer College. “We’ve been trending for higher turnouts. Will we hit presidential levels? No, but it’s certainly possible we will do better than we did four years ago.” 

The panel also provided perspective on early voting, candidates’ campaign messaging and advertising, and campaign funding. Sekou added that he’s talking about the elections with his students, calling this year’s U.S. Senate race “fascinating.”

“In that race, we’ll see people talk about issues that aren’t really issues about Connecticut and are national issues. This one will capture interest at the national level,” he said in the panel discussion.

The Secretary of the State debate initially set for the evening was to be the first in a series of debates co-produced by Connecticut Public and the League of Women Voters of Connecticut. The remaining debates will include the statewide offices of governor, U.S. Senate, and Connecticut’s five U.S. Congressional districts and be held at other colleges and universities across the state.