Good Samaritan & Amnesty Policy

January 27, 2023
Submitted By: Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution

Q: I’ve never heard of this. What does it mean?

A: The university encourages help-seeking behavior. When a student contacts Public Safety or other University staff member for help due to alcohol/drug use or other medical problem, the person of concern and the caller may not be subject for an alcohol or drug policy referral to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.    

Q: Which student is covered under the Good Samaritan & Amnesty Policy?

A: Both students are covered – the caller and the person of concern.

Q: Why have this policy in place?

A: The university wants to encourage help-seeking behaviors for individuals who may require medical assistance.

Q: What number should I call for immediate medical assistance on campus?

A: Call the Public Safety Emergency Phone Number: 860.768.7777 

Q: How many times can this policy be applied to a student?

A: The policy may not be applied repeatedly. If there is a pattern with the same person for whom the call is made, additional resources may be needed for the student.

Q: Is this just for alcohol-related instances?

A: No. The policy can be applied to drug substance use/possession.

Q: Where can I read the complete policy?

A: You can read the full Good Samaritan & Amnesty Policy in the student handbook.


Need help? Have questions about alcohol or drug use?

CAPS (Services are confidential): 860.768.4482 

Health Services: 860.768.6601

Office of Student Health and Wellbeing: 860.768.4260 or