Student Employment Reminders From HRD

February 01, 2023
Submitted By: HRD

With the onset of another semester, HRD would like to take a moment to remind all of our supervisors and student workers about the University’s policy regarding student employment. 

Please be reminded that full-time students may not work more than 24 hours (international students may work no more than 20 hours) in any week in which school is in session. Students may work up to a maximum of 40 hours (no overtime) weekly when school is not in session. The 24-hour (20 for international students) policy refers to the total hours of any and all jobs on campus. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to verify with the student the total number of hours worked. Please do not have the student begin working until all appropriate employment materials have been completed in HRD. 

The following guidelines must be followed when hiring a student to perform work for your department:

  • Supervisors should verify if the student has another job on campus (including Graduate Assistantships). If so, verify the number of hours worked per week. (Full Graduate Assistantships carry the equivalent of 20 hours per week. Half Graduate Assistantships carry the equivalent of 10 hours per week.)
  • No offer of employment can be made which causes the student to exceed the 24-hour (20 hours for international students) per week limit when school is in session.
  • Once the student has accepted an employment offer, the department must originate an ePAF/contract/roster. For ePAFs, use the Self-Service Center to submit the ePAF at least two weeks prior to the student beginning work. Contracts/rosters should be submitted via SmartSheet.
  • If the newly hired student needs to obtain a social security number, which is required by law, download and complete the On-Campus Employment Form For International Students (available on HRD’s website at under “Employment and Hiring forms” at This form, verifying that the student has a pending job offer, is required to apply for a social security number through the office of Social Security Administration. Please be advised that this process may take a few weeks. The student may not work until a SSN is assigned.
  • All newly hired (never worked on campus) part-time, temporary and student employees, like full-time employees, must complete and sign under oath, an Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9). As required by federal law, the student must complete Section 1 of this form on or before their start date, and provide acceptable original supporting documents, which establish the employee’s identity and authorization for employment, to HRD no later than their third day of employment. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination, as mandated by law. Please remember, the student’s ePAF/contract/roster will not be approved without a completed Form I-9 on file.
  • ALL employees are required to have their wages directly deposited to a financial institution of their choice, consistent with University policy.
  • Student employees should not begin working until all appropriate employment materials have been completed.

It is important to properly classify all employees. Employment classifications are utilized for mandated record-keeping and reporting purposes. Student employment class codes (S1 – work study or S2 – temporary student) can ONLY be used for regular full-time University of Hartford students. If you are hiring a part-time student or a student from another institution, they must be classified as a temporary employee (N6).   

Per University policy, full-time students cannot be employed as regular full-time or regular part-time staff.

If you have any questions regarding the student hiring process or the proper classification of an employee, please contact Human Resources.

Thank you for your cooperation.