Hillyer College's Marjorie Jackson has Article Published in Faculty Focus Newsletter

February 09, 2023
Submitted By: Mary Ingarra

Hillyer College Assistant Professor and Associate Dean of Student Academic Strategies Marjorie Jackson recently had an article about the Mindful Learning Framework published in the Faculty Focus newsletter. The publication provides insight into what is working in the classroom and online and is geared toward instructors, teachers, and instructional designers throughout the world.

Jackson realized early in her tenure at UHart that first-year students began college without the ability to stay focused, think critically, and own their learning. These traits led to her research, and then the development of The Mindful Learning Framework: Principles to Guide Thinking and Learning. Jackson believes The Mindful Learning Framework is the precursor to acquiring the traditional academic strategies taught in Hillyer’s first-year courses. Jackson’s research to make the Mindful Learning Framework practical so that anyone can use it was awarded a 2022 UHart Coffin Grant. She would love to work with faculty members who wish to incorporate the Mindful Learning Framework into their courses.