Hartt's Dance Division Named Top Outstanding School in 2023 by TDA Prep

July 14, 2023
Submitted By: Office of Marketing and Communication

The Hartt Dance Division is named the 2023 Top Outstanding School by TDA Prep. TDA Prep (short for The Dance Artist Prep) is one of the premiere pre-professional dance programs in the country, with a focus on providing training for both dancers and dance parents navigating dance college and company goals.

TDA’s College Review magazine features a profile on Hartt’s Dance Division, and credits its artistic director Stephen Pier as one of the key reasons for the selection. The magazine explains that Pier is highly influential to many, as “the care he shows to each dancer’s journey through high impact trips to NYC, professional exposure, and prioritizing the student first.” The rigorous conservatory-style curriculum within the Dance Division led by expert instruction from world-renowned faculty and guest artists allows for a personalized approach and exposure to a larger field of dance-related occupations. By doing so, the Division offers students a vast array of transformative and impactful programs that develop and refine their skills.

This is not the first time The Dance Division has received a top honor, as earlier this year, the Division was included in one of’s Best College Dance Programs for the fourth year in a row.