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The following is the typical sequence of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) research proposal review:
  • The PI reviews the IRB website, including reading the IRB manual and downloading appropriate forms and templates for completion.
  • The PI completes the Proposal Transmittal Form and required supporting documents available below.
  • Any individual acting as a researcher in the project must complete CITI training and show evidence of CITI training on the protection of human subjects in research.
  • All forms and documents should be submitted to the IRB chair. Electronic submission of scanned documents, including relevant signatures, is preferred. Please send all required files to A single hard copy is also accepted, mailed to the IRB Chair. The IRB no longer requires BOTH hard copy and electronic submission of forms.
  • The IRB Chair receives the proposal, verifies completeness,  and determines the level of IRB review required.
  • Proposals requiring expedited or exempt status are reviewed on a rolling basis, as submitted.
  • Proposals requiring full committee review will be reviewed during the monthly IRB meeting (submissions must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting in which they are reviewed). 
  • After review, the IRB Chair will provide the PI with an approval letter or a list of requests for clarification or modification, if necessary.
  • Following approval, research that spans longer than one year (approval to publication) may require annual review and completion of an Extension Request Form for continuation.
  • Upon completion of the research (completion of analysis of identifiable data), the Closure Request Form should be submitted, indicating that the research is complete.

Supporting Documents

All inquiries and questions about the IRB research review process should be directed to Sundeep Muppidi, IRB Chair at or 860.768.5054.

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