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COVID-19 Credits and Refunds

The University of Hartford has developed a refund/credit plan in response to the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The following adjustments and refunds were implemented for Fall 2020. 

Room, Meal Plan, and Parking Permit Adjustments

Credits and refunds are being calculated student by student. Amounts are based on prorated costs, minus select fixed expenses, from the period beginning March 23, the day campus operations would have been resumed following spring break, and continuing through the end of the spring semester.

Credits and refunds are subject to the following adjustments:

  • Financial aid applied to room and board
  • Fees paid by those students who remained on campus
  • Fees paid by the University for those students with certain on-campus job positions (RAs, RFAs)
  • Outstanding account balances

Room Credits and Refunds

Room credit amounts are calculated based upon the rate applied to the housing in which the student resided as of March 23. The standard refundable credit, prior to any adjustments calculated at the individual student level as noted above, has been calculated in the chart below.

Standard Refundable Room Credit

Room Original Rate Refundable Credit
Complex Double 4,004 1,401
Regents Double 4,663 1,632
Village Double 4,766 1,668
Park River Single 5,518 1,931
Hawk Hall Double 4,004 1,401
Hawk Hall Triple 3,177 1,112
Hawk Hall Single 4,704 1,646
Park River Double 4,869 1,704
Village Double-Lofted 4,766 1,668
Regents Single 5,320 1,862
Complex Single 4,704 1,646
Village Single 5,420 1,897
Complex Triple 3,177 1,112

Mean Plan, Dining Dollar, and Hawkcash Credits and Refunds

Meal plan credits are calculated based upon the plan in which the student participated. All meal plans consist of meal swipes and dining dollars. The portion of the meal plan related to meal swipes will generate a credit or refund similar to housing outlined above. The full remaining amount of dining dollars and Hawk cash on the student’s account as of March 23 will be used to generate the total credit or refund amount over and above the below standards. The standard refundable credit, prior to any adjustments calculated at the individual student level, related to meal swipes has been calculated in the chart below.

Standard Refundable Meal Plan Credit

Meal Plan Original Refundable Credit
7 Day Premium ME 2,760 861
7 Day Unlimit No ME 2,480 728
165 Blk UNL Eq 2,540 592
125 Blk 2,080 466
5 Day UNL 3EQ 2,560 809
50 Blk UNL 850 175

Parking Permits

Parking permits are required to be paid annually, and cover the time period from September through August. The cost of the parking permit depends on when the permit was purchased, and reduces by 25% on a quarterly basis. Parking permit refundable credits have been calculated based upon the date at which the permit was purchased and the time period covered by that permit. The standard refundable credit, prior to any adjustments calculated at the individual student level, related to parking permits has been calculated in the chart below.

Standard Refundable Parking Credit

Permit Original Rate Refundable Credit
Full Year 470.00 117.50
3/4 Year 352.50 117.50
1/2 Year 235.00 117.50

CARES Act Stimulus Funding

The University anticipates receiving funds from the U.S. government’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This additional funding is being provided to students for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to the coronavirus, such as food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child care. It will be provided as a cash grant*. Using the most recently available guidance from the Department of Education, the University will be providing Title IV eligible students the following:

  • $500 to all residential students displaced from campus
  • $250 to all other full-time undergraduate students 
  • Graduate students that are Title IV eligible and have experienced a hardship should apply for stimulus funding through this form

Processing of Credits and Refunds

Graduating Seniors

Seniors will receive a refund if the credit has generated a refundable balance on their account. The balance will be provided to the student through BankMobile, if the student had previously completed their BankMobile profile. If not, a check will be mailed to the student’s home address. We expect refunds to be processed by June 1.

Returning Students

Students who will not be graduating this semester will receive a room and meal plan credit adjustment applied to their student account. These credit adjustments may be applied to future tuition, room and board, or other fees and expenses. Credits will appear in student accounts by June 1.

Option to Donate

Many have asked how they can help address the significant impact this crisis has created for our students and their families. If you wish to support students in need, we invite you to consider donating a portion or all of your refund to the Student Emergency Support Fund. Should you choose to donate, please contact Victoria Sandoval, associate director of family giving, for assistance with your tax-deductible contribution. Thank you for your consideration—we continue to be inspired by your support and generosity.


If you have any questions about refunds or credits, please email

Additional Financial Assistance

We are here to support our students in any way we can. Students with pressing financial needs, or who have experienced significant hardship as a result of the current pandemic, are asked to complete the COVID-19 Financial Aid Hardship form for assistance. A member of our Office of Student Financial Assistance will be in touch to review your account, financial aid, and options.