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Advance Registration Schedule

Changes to Advance Registration for Fall 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the move to online classes, we've made some adjustments to our Advance Registration process. This information was emailed to all UHart students, faculty, and staff on March 27.  

Below is a brief overview of what to expect in the coming days and weeks: 

  • To give you adequate time to have advising conversations, Advanced Registration for undergraduate students will begin on Monday, April 13. Faculty advisors should reach out to advisees to coordinate advising conversations. As always, registration dates are typically determined by credits earned.
  • Graduate students and part-time students will begin registration on Wednesday, April 15.
    Advisors will receive PIN numbers from the Registrar’s Office by April 3. 
  • Students will receive an email with their registration dates from the Registrar’s Office by April 3.
  • After receiving their PIN from their faculty advisor or program director, students should register using the Self-Service Center wherever possible.
  • Advisors and faculty should also utilize the Self-Service Center for registration and overrides wherever possible for graduate and undergraduate students.
  • When using the Self-Service Center is not possible, please email with add/drop/override requests for undergraduate and graduate students. Please make sure that the correspondence includes the student and advisor/faculty member in lieu of a signature. Students can provide a PIN via email in lieu of advisor email permission, but faculty and/or department chair email communication may still be necessary for certain overrides. Please send all emails from your email address.
  • Students, as has always been the case, for balances greater than $2500, you will need to contact the Bursar’s Office to set up a payment arrangement before you can register for Fall 2020 courses. Once a payment arrangement is set and you have satisfied the initial terms of the arrangement, please email the Bursar’s Office with your intended Fall 2020 courses (including CRNs, course codes, and titles) and request that approval be sent to for you to be registered for those courses. The Bursar’s Office will forward your courses to the Center for Student Success along with its approval so you can be added to the classes. Center for Student Success staff will be in touch with you if there are any issues with processing your registration.

Please continue to follow updates and changes on the COVID-19 page of the website. We appreciate your patience as we work through all of the details of this complicated situation.

Advance Registration Breakdown for Fall 2020

(Fulltime Undergraduate Students)

Your registration date is determined by the number of credits you have earned to date. This does not include the credits for which you are currently registered.

Advanced Registration

Date Total Credits Earned to Date
Monday, April 13 Priority Registration
Tuesday, April 14 Priority Registration
Wednesday, April 15 100 and above
Thursday, April 16 87 - 99.75
Friday, April 17 78 - 86.75
Monday, April 20 68 - 77.75
Tuesday, April 21 54 - 67.75
Wednesday, April 22 47 - 53.75
Thursday, April 23 41 – 46.75
Friday, April 24 23 - 40.75
Monday, April 27 17 - 22.75
Tuesday, April 28 16 - 16.75
Wednesday, April 29 13 -15.75
Thursday, April 30 12.75 and below