Student Holds

There are a number of different types of holds that can be placed on a student's record. Some examples include:

Financial Hold

Financial holds are placed on accounts with a past due balance. Each billing cycle shows a due date for payment. If payment is not received by the due date a financial hold is placed on the student's account.  

Hold types may include the following:

  • Student Account Balance
  • Refer to: Bursar Account Specialist
  • Collection
Immunization Hold

These are holds on your account from Health Services when no record of vaccinations has been provided

Address Hold

These may be placed for mail returned by the post office that was addressed to the student’s local or permanent address.

Dean of Students Hold

A student on a medical leave of absence may receive this type of hold (the student must provide a letter from a doctor before returning to classes).

Enrollment Hold

The Office of Admission may place a hold on a student's account if the tuition deposit has not been paid.

Additional Information

The above holds will prevent you from registering until the hold is released or you obtain an administrator’s conditional permission to register. (Keep in mind that this is not a complete list.)

In accordance with the University’s published policy, accounts with financial holds will have a restriction placed on transactions such as future registration activity, adding additional dining dollars, release of transcripts, and release of diploma.

If you have been academically dismissed from the University, you will not be allowed to register for classes. If you have been removed from degree candidacy, you will only be able to register as a part-time, non-matriculated student up to a total of 15 credits (no more than 11 credits in a semester).

To discuss holds that have been placed on your record, contact the following departments: