Honors Seminars Spring 2023

For sophomores and above

HON 383: Crip, Queer, and Fat: Intersectionality of Bodies
Mala Matacin  |  Wednesday 5–7:20 P.M. CRN 11787

This course draws on social and disability justice, fat studies, intersectionality, and crip, queer, critical race, and feminist theories to examine: 1) how bodies shape knowledge (epistemology) and experience (embodiment) the world; 2) challenge our own perspectives in viewing “othered” bodies; and 3) work toward the equity and inclusion of diverse bodies. Prerequisite: sophomore status or above and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher. The class will count as a UISS-D. For A&S general education, this seminar can be counted as a PSY or SOC social science course. For PSY and SOC majors, it will count as an elective course for the major. For Communication majors, this will count as an “out of emphasis” course. For Digital Media and Journalism majors, this will count as a “Media Studies” course. This will count as a course for the Gender and Sexuality Minor and for the PSY minor. This course meets a Diversity requirement for students in A&S.

HON 384 Applying Ethics
Nat DuFord  |  Monday and Wednesday 9:55–11:10 A.M. CRN 11786

This course provides an in-depth study of moral theory and then asks students to apply these ethical problems in a diverse range of contexts. Some issues we will consider include: professional obligations, such as fiduciary duties; allocations of scarce medical resources; journalistic obligations to sources; and ethical responsibilities of engineering like whistle-blowing and risk/safety calculations. The course challenges students to develop an understanding of how competing ethical theories can lead to different outcomes. Prerequisite: sophomore status or above and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.  For A&S general education, this seminar can be counted as a PHI humanities course, or for PHI majors, it can be taken either as a PHI elective or as UISS 340D: Ethics in the professions.  For Hartt honors students, this HON seminar will fulfill 3 credits of Area A.  For other students, this course will count as UISS 340D: Ethics in the Professions.

HON 390: Humanities Center Seminar: Decolonizing the University
Karen Tejada  |  Monday 5–7:20 P.M. CRN 10660

This seminar will focus on the social movements that led to the creation of Ethnic Studies departments in various universities. It will be paired with the Spring 2023 Humanities Center Lecture series where University of Hartford professors and invited speakers will address issues of what it means to be part of a minoritized racial and/or ethnic group in the United States and how such peoples have fought for and continue to seek their own liberation. This course is only for students enrolled in HON 389 in Fall 2022.

This course will count for the following programs: Communication major (as CMM 391, 3 credits), Digital Media and Journalism major (as CMM 389, 3 credits), Africana Studies minor (as an elective or social sciences elective, 3 credits). Politics & Government students may receive 3 credits toward their major if their final project explores politics and is approved by their department. Students majoring in other disciplines should check with their advisor