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Our BFA in photography develops a broad range of skills, both digital and analog, and helps you realize your creative dreams. Also available as a minor.

Full Time
Rolling Admission

Degrees Offered

Total Credits

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Varies or 120 Minimum



The photography department emphasizes the use of the medium as an artistic tool. While some courses address commercial issues, the focus of the department is toward producing visual artists who use photography as a primary means of expression.

About the Major

The curriculum integrates experimental, narrative, and documentary approaches to photography. You will be trained in black and white and color wet processes, studio practices, digital technologies, and a variety of historical techniques. A senior exhibition marks the culmination of the program of study.

After your foundation year, this program guides you through a series of independent studios and ceramics intensives. You must complete 77–80 studio credits for your major, plus 45–46 academic credits.

For a complete list of credit requirements, visit the course catalog.

Core Classes

PHO 220 | Intro Photo I
PHO 222 | Intro Photo II
PHO 330 | View Camera
PHO 332 | Color I
PHO 350 | Digital Photo
PHO 351 | Junior Seminar
PHO 300 | Intermediate Photo
PHO 441 | Senior Seminar

Additional Electives and Requirements

20 credits from Foundation year

  • 3 credits in each of the following (12 total):
    • PTG/DWG or DES
    • SCL
    • MDA or VDO or PHO
    • ILS or GRA
  • 3 credits of Mathematics (M 110, 112, 114, or 116)
  • 6 credits in academic writing (WRT 110 and 111)
  • 12 credits in Art History (ART)

12–13 credits from the All University Curriculum

Career Ready

photography by a Hartford Art School student

The demand for photography of the highest quality continues to grow in nearly every area of our lives. Whether you’re interested in commercial work for your favorite brands or gallery shows in your favorite cities around the world, our photography alumni find meaningful work wherever their lens leads.

Student Work

Photography Faculty

Our photography faculty have earned some of the most prestigious honors in the field. Their passion for the craft resonates throughout our student community, which means you will spend your years at the Hartford Art School feeling inspired, encouraged, and supported by one of the strongest networks in the business.


Ellen Carey
Associate Professor of Photography

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John Reuter
Adjunct Professor

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Michael Vahrenwald
Associate Professor
MFA Photography

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Admission Requirements

There are a few ways students can apply for admission to Hartford Art School, all of which require a portfolio review. Visit our admissions section for step-by-step guidance, and remember that you can always give us a call. We’re here to help with any questions you may have.

Featured Alumna

Keri Halloran

BFA Photography, 2017

Keri Halloran evokes physical sensations through her photography, and incorporates sculpture elements into much of her work. She often focuses on self-portraiture, and uses her craft as a way of understanding the world. Today, she actively shows work throughout Connecticut and works as a full-time commercial photographer.

I capture ambiguous images that exist in a liminal space between reality and fiction, literally blurring the lines between what is and is not recognizable.