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Accelerated BA/MS in Organizational Psychology

At a Glance

You can earn a BA and MS in Psychology in five years if you have demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and know by your junior year that you wish to pursue a master's degree in organizational psychology.


You can earn both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science in Psychology in five years if you have demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and know by your junior year that you wish to pursue a master's degree in organizational psychology.

Application Information

The Organizational Psychology program aims to address critical leadership skills required to enhance organizational effectiveness. Today’s leaders and managers need to know how to promote teamwork, manage transitions, and restructure organizations. The program provides you with a theoretical framework in organizational behavior and the opportunity to improve your skills in research design, data collection and analysis, communication, facilitation, and interpersonal, group, and organizational issues. The integration of theory and practice prepares you to lead, manage, and/or consult with dynamic and diverse organizations operating in a global environment.


Degree Requirements

The Organizational Psychology program is a 36-credit program: five required courses (15 credits, including either capstone project or internship), no more than two electives in General Psychology (0-6 credits), and two additional electives in Organizational Studies (0-6 credits).     

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Required Items

An online application 

A letter of intent as specified in the online application

Three Letters of Recommendation (at least two of which must come from the faculty in the University of Hartford) as specified in the online application

Non-Required Items

A non-refundable application fee of $50 (to be paid online)

Official transcripts for all collegiate level coursework at the University of Hartford

Conditional Admission

If given conditional admission to the Master of Science program, you become eligible to take pre-approved graduate work, 9 credits of which could be applied toward both the BA in psychology and the MS in Organizational Psychology. These credits could be completed during the summer between junior and senior years and/or during the regular semesters of the senior year.

Matriculation Requirements

Matriculation in the Master's of Science program is conditional on completing the BA in psychology while maintaining an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and earning a grade of B or better in each of the graduate courses completed prior to the end of the senior year. Once fully matriculated into the graduate program, you have the option to complete the remaining courses through campus-based or online version of the Organizational Psychology program.

Required Courses

You must complete the following four courses, as well as an internship or capstone project:

  • Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology  
  • Personnel Psychology  
  • Experimental Design  
  • Advanced Research Methods  

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The Capstone Track requires eleven courses plus a three-credit capstone course. This option should be seriously considered by students who are working full-time and who wish to apply organizational material in their current job settings.


The Internship Track requires eleven courses plus a three-credit practicum course. This option is provided for those students who wish to obtain practical experience in an organizational setting.    

Additional Requirements

You must complete at least five electives in organizational studies (15-21 credits); and no more than two electives in general psychology (6 credits). Examples include:

  • Teams in Organizations  
  • Introduction to Workplace Training Program Design and Effectiveness  
  • Leadership: Theory and Practice  
  • Contemporary Studies in Psychology  
  • Learning: Principles, Theories, and Application

With the permission of the Graduate Program Director, students in the Accelerated program typically take PSY 535 - Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology, PSY 555 - Personnel Psychologyplus one more pre-approved graduate course.

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Learning Outcomes

Master of Science in Organizational Psychology students will:

  • Become proficient in using the scientific method to critically review social science research literature.
  • Successfully integrate theory and practice as applied to the organizational science in the workplace.
  • Accumulate knowledge from different scientific disciplines.
  • Develop in-depth knowledge in at least one current topic in organizational psychology, including, but not limited to work motivation, emotional intelligence, diversity in the workplace, and creativity in organizations.
  • Know and understand the scope and methods of organizational psychology and its practical application in the workplace.
  • Produce writing that meets high-quality academic standards of presentation, organization, documentation, analysis, and substance.