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The College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) is home to over 50 laboratories and spaces for you to explore. Students will have the opportunity to take classes in the Biology-Chemistry Building, Dana Hall, Harry Jack Gray Center, Hursey Center, and United Technologies Hall.


BC 251 Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Dana Hall

D 101 Biomedical Engineering Laboratory, given by Nancy and Frank Hursey '77
D 102/104 Pratt & Whitney Manufacturing and Metrology Laboratory
D 103 Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory I, given by Wallace Barnes Hon '84 and Barbara Hackman Franklin Hon '88
D 109 Machinery and Power Systems Laboratory
D 111 Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Systems
D 113 Faculty Research
D 115 Transportation Engineering Laboratory
D 119 Audio System Laboratory
D 120 Digital Audio Laboratory 
D 122 Multitrack Recording Laboratory
D 123 Acoustical Engineering II
D 126 Acoustical Engineering I, Paul S. Veneklasen Research Foundation Anechoic Chamber (Est. 2015)
D 127 Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
D 129 Faculty Research
D 133 Machine Shop
D 313 Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Laboratory II
D 315 VLSI Laboratory
D 319 Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
D 320 Computer Classroom II
D 321 Electrical and Computer Engineering Instrumentation Laboratory II
D 322 Samuel I. Ward Laboratories Circuit, Electronics, and Digital Laboratory II
D 323 Automation Systems Laboratory
D 324 Samuel I. Ward Laboratories Circuit, Electronics, and Digital Laboratory I
D 325 Samuel I. Ward Laboratories Circuit, Electronics, and Digital Laboratory III
D 402 Microprocessor Laboratory
D 420 Computer Classroom III
D 424 Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory II
D 426 Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory I

Harry Jack Gray Center

HJG W 101 A, B, C Architecture Studios
HJG W 114 A, B Architecture Studios
HJG 108 Architecture Computer Lab
HJG 110 Architecture 3D printing Lab

Hursey Center

HC 110 High-Bay Structural Engineering Laboratory
HC 110A Strength of Materials Laboratory
HC 112 Concrete and Surveying Laboratory
HC 210 Mechatronics Laboratory, given by Kevin E. Grant '82, M'86
HC 212 Robotics Laboratory, given by Charles E. Pagano Jr. '84, M'07
HC 216 Makerspace, given by Paul ’76 and Sharon Oliva
HC 216A 3D Printing Laboratory
HC 216B Supply Room
HC 216D Machine Shop, given by Bauer, Inc., and the Auletta Family
HC 218 Pratt & Whitney Aerospace and Turbomachinery Laboratory
HC 309 Cybersecurity Laboratory
HC 311 Hartford Steam Boiler Internet of Things Laboratory

United Technologies Hall

UT 103 Biomedical Engineering Instrumentation Laboratory
UT 104 Energy Engineering Laboratory
UT 105 Thermal Systems and Fluids Laboratory
UT 106 Structural and Transportation Engineering Computer Laboratory
UT 108 Computer Laboratory I
UT 111 CETA Laboratory/Computer Classroom I
UT 114 Computer Laboratory II
UT 116 Tissue Engineering