CETA Honor Societies

student presenting

CETA students have an opportunity to be part of nationally recognized honor societies known within programs under engineering and architecture. Students are part of national and international honor societies that promote educational values, recognize excellence in scholarship, leaders, service, and research, and adhere to the standards of the society.

Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession. Undergraduate students whose scholarship places them in the top eighth of their engineering class in their next-to-last year or in the top fifth of their engineering class in their last college year are eligible for membership consideration. Contact faculty advisor Christopher Jasinski for more information.

Iota Epsilon Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu is the honor society for students majoring in electrical and computer engineering. Seniors and juniors with high academic achievement and leadership potential are invited to join. Contact interim faculty advisor Ying Yu for more information.

Delta Eta Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma is the international honor society for mechanical engineers. Members are chosen on the basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship service, leadership, and integrity. Contact faculty advisor Cy Yavuzturk for more information.

Lambda Epsilon Chapter of Tau Alpha Pi is the national honor society for engineering technology. Every inductee is academically in at least the upper 25 percent of their class. Contact faculty advisor Timothy Britt for more information.

The Gamma Nu Chapter of Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts is the only national honor society for architecture and design majors that is accredited by the Association of College Honor Societies. The Society recognizes intellectual achievement, effort and initiative as well as leadership and character. This prize of membership acknowledges undergraduate and graduate students who attain high scholastic standing in their field. Contact faculty advisor Ted Sawruk for more information.