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Pursue your passion alongside your profession and build relationships that last a lifetime through our diverse array of student clubs and organizations. You will have exclusive access to mentorship, internships, and industry events that will set you on the path to success. When you get involved, you can connect with experts, learn from the best, and find a community of likeminded individuals.

With 21 clubs and organizations and growing, CETA's community is thriving with opportunities for students to get involved.

CETA Student Ambassadors & Leadership Society

CETA Student Ambassadors

We don't just prepare you for a career; we empower you to lead it. The CETA Student Ambassadors & Leadership Society encourages you to make an impact both on-and-off campus. As a member, you can help:

  • Promote leadership and communication skills of current women/men undergraduates in CETA.
  • Provide self-development opportunities for current women/men undergraduates in CETA.
  • Attract more prospective women students to all programs in CETA.
  • Build a more welcoming community for all CETA students.
  • Provide exceptional community outreach for all CETA programs.

The requirements, responsibilities, and benefits for being a CETA student ambassador & leadership society member include the following:

  • An overall GPA above 3.0.

  • Attend the seminar series/training sessions organized by the advisors/leadership team.

  • Ability to commit to at least two years of CETA Student Ambassadors membership.

  • Participate in at least three CETA Student Ambassadors "events" each semester. The events will vary in nature, including college tours for visitors, open house events, first year seminars, freshmen mentoring, orientation events, middle and high school outreach, for example.

  • The student ambassadors will receive excellent personal and professional development opportunities, develop and hone their communication and leadership skills.

  • The student ambassadors will have the opportunities to attend and present at regional conferences, such as ASEE (American Society of Engineering Education), SWE (Society of Women Engineers) regional conferences, or WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network).

  • Compensation begins Ambassadors second semester and future compensation depends on funding availability.

  • Mandatory training sessions are held during both fall and spring semesters –once a month and topics will be things such as:

  • Getting to know each other and Mission as a CETA student ambassador

  • Introduction to individual CETA programs

  • Open house, orientation, interaction with parents

  • Nuts and bolts in student mentoring

  • In-depth understanding of individual CETA programs

  • Organization skills, communication skills, and time management

  • Women in CETA, Women in STEM, team building

  • Leadership

You will have an opportunity to participate in the following kinds of events, interact with prospective and current CETA students, and represent CETA!

  1. Fall Preview Days
  2. CETA Saturday
  3. Prospective Students Visit Days and Tours
  4. Leadership Society Meetings and Trainings
  5. On–Campus Receptions
  6. Prospective Student Call Nights
  7. Dean’s Events
  8. And much more!

CETA Clubs and Organizations

Along with the hundreds of clubs available to you at the University of Hartford, CETA is proud of the 20+ specific organizations for its students based on specific majors and interests. Learn more below!

Faculty Advisor: Robert D. Celmer

The University of Hartford Chapter of ASA focuses on educating any and all students about acoustical design through presentations given by field professionals regarding architecture, mechanical systems, product development, and research. Members may have the opportunity to take tours of facilities such as Ovation Guitars and Bose, and can develop professional connections with the top firms in the field. Our chapter shares in the goals of its parent organization, to increase and diffuse the knowledge of acoustics and its practical applications.

Follow the organization on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Petry

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) is a national student-run organization here at the University of Hartford. Our chapter is dedicated to advancing leadership, resources, experiences and studio culture among all students and faculty at the university. The organization allows students to gain perspective of real-world experiences through networking and collaborating with other students and professionals in the field, thus giving each student a new viewpoint into the field of architecture.

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor: Ted Sussmann

The Student Chapter is part of the larger American Society for Civil Engineers with headquarters in Reston, VA. ASCE represents more than 140,000 members of the civil engineering profession worldwide. It is ASCE's mission to provide essential value to our members and partners, advance civil engineering, and serve the public good.

In carrying out that mission, ASCE:

  • Advances technology
  • Encourages lifelong learning
  • Promotes professionalism and the profession
  • Develops civil engineer leaders
  • Advocates infrastructure and environmental stewardship

The University of Hartford Student Chapter specifically addresses the needs of the student members. The chapter promotes the education and development of the member students through extra-curricular activities. Currently, the chapter hosts a weekly lunch-and-learn seminar and construction site visits to expose students to the local industry and the things they will encounter upon graduation. The series will culminate in a networking reception during the spring semester.

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.

Thank you to all our dedicated sponsors!

Bartlett Brainard and Eacott (BBE)
Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers (CSCE)
Connecticut Space Grant
Construction Institute
Macri Associates
Shepard Steel
United Steel
University of Hartford Student Government Association (SGA)

Class Gift Initiative

The student chapter is becoming increasingly interested in "giving back" to the University of Hartford campus.  This year's class has an initiative to raise funds to donate eight new computers and a printer for the program's senior capstone design laboratory.

The ASCE Student Chapter is establishing an initiative to "give back" to the University, specifically the Engineering programs.  Our goal is to improve the Civil Engineering senior capstone design laboratory by upgrading the computers, keeping our civil engineering design software current, and improving the library of CE Reference Manuals.  This is a useful workspace for students, particularly senior capstone groups and extracurricular clubs such as ASCE, and we want to make it an even more effective space for student collaboration.

We want to ask for your help in raising the funds necessary for our class gift goal.  The proposed gift will cost approximately $10,000. Please consider donating today so that future Civil Engineering students at the University of Hartford will have the facilities necessary for a unique and special academic experience.

Faculty Advisor: Cy Yavuzturk

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is a global professional association seeking to advance heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems design and construction. Founded in 1894 it now has more than 50,000 members worldwide, composed of building services engineers, architects, mechanical contractors, building owners, equipment manufacturers and their employees, academics, researchers, and others concerned with the design and construction of HVAC&R systems in buildings. The society funds research projects, offers continuing education programs, and develops and publishes technical standards to improve the understanding of building physics, building services engineering, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainable development.

ASHRAE's mission is to advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating to serve humanity and to promote a sustainable world. The society's vision is that it will be the global leader, the foremost source of technical and educational information, and the primary provider of opportunity for professional growth in the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating.

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor: Edward Ted" Diehl

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is an international not-for-profit membership organization that focuses on bringing together people from all fields of engineering and science. The University of Hartford Chapter of ASME is a smaller subsection of the Hartford Chapter.  Each year, they complete various engineering challenges and competitions, including a robotics build. They also visit cutting edge manufacturing and engineering facilities in the greater Hartford area. Additionally, our members actively search for and propose mechanical engineering projects to benefit the university and surrounding communities.  Members also network with industry professionals and present papers at ASME conferences on a regular basis. The University of Hartford Chapter is directly sponsored by SGA and is open to anyone who is an undergraduate student at the University.

Contact us for more information at  

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisors: Michael deAlmeida and Justin Kurtz

The University of Hartford Audio Engineering Society Student Section is a student-run organization that unites all University of Hartford students interested in audio technology. Our goal is to educate our members through lectures, student presentations, tutorials, workshops, and trips to conferences and conventions. We invite professionals to contribute and allow students to share their own knowledge with the group. We look for opportunities to work with other student organizations to plan events for our members.

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.


Audio Engineering Technology Program
Acoustical Engineering and Music Program
AES Student Blog
AES Student Delegate Assembly Facebook | Twitter
Women’s Audio Mission Website | Facebook
UHA Acoustical Society Facebook

Contact Information

Telephone: 860.768.5358
Fax: 860.768.5074

Mailing Address:
Audio Engineering Society
Student Government Association
200 Bloomfield Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06117-1599

Faculty Advisor:

The Biomedical Engineering Society provides an atmosphere where members can explore how technology meets human biology. Members can network with professionals currently in the field, work on potential projects, and connect with other students who are interested in the medical field and technology. Our goal is to provide a community for people interested in Biomedical Engineering so that the members can learn, apply their knowledge, work with other people, and collectively be more connected to the biomedical world in the university and in the professional world.

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor: Jim Fuller

The Construction Institute (CI) works with the University’s student chapter to create meaningful opportunities for students to learn from the Institute's members, through internships, lectures, and career preparation activities.

Learn more about CI here.

Faculty Advisor:

Are you interested in information security, information technology, programming, or computing in general? If you are, the new UHart Cybersecurity Club is for you. 

We are a group of students looking to further our skills and knowledge in information security and share that with others who are interested. This will be done by hosting presentations, providing resources and current information on the field, facilitating capture the flag and other security skill games, and creating a community (both online and, once we are able, in-person) where UHart students can explore what the world of cybersecurity has to offer.

Here is a list of what we plan to accomplish this semester.

  • Live demonstrations of famous security vulnerabilities
  • Guest speakers from industry
  • Competitive wargames and capture the flag (CTF) competitions

In addition to those events above, you can also expect:

  • An encouraging community to engage with
  • An active Discord server for easy and quick communication
  • Compiled and organized lists of resources to help you practice and learn
  • Weekly updates on information security news and events

If you have little or no experience in this area, don’t worry! Whether you are mildly interested, want to pursue this as a career, or somewhere in between, we welcome any and everybody. We are all really beginners in this field and are learning as we go. It doesn’t matter what program you are in or what year you are! We hope to create a positive learning environment where we can all help each other out and all feel welcome.

If this club seems like something you would be interested in and want more information, please email to get more information.

Faculty Advisor: David Pines

The University of Hartford’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) student chapter is a group of students from various backgrounds and majors within CETA that volunteer for programs across the globe, and have been conducting ongoing projects in India and Kenya. Students have an opportunity every year to travel across the country and the world for various community efforts, discover new hands-on skills related to their interests, as well as participate in annual conferences and have an opportunity to network with other inspiring engineers.

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.


Established in August of 2011 by Olivia Cooley and Rayva Khanna, the Navjyoti Scholarship Fund is a dedicated non-profit collaboration between the University of Hartford and the Navjyoti India Foundation.  Our objective is to provide young Indian men and women with scholarships so that more may attend the recently opened Navjyoti Community College. We appreciate any help you can give.

Faculty Advisor: Akram Abu-Aisheh

The University of Hartford Green 707 is a club formed around converting a Chevrolet S10 pickup truck to electric power with intention to go drag racing. Administrated through the College of Engineering Technology and Architecture, Green 707 is open to all University of Hartford students and welcomes members of all skill levels. The organization is currently nearing completion of the initial build and is taking the final steps to prepare the truck for testing. In the 2017-18 academic year, the Green 707 club achieved two 1/4 mile records for the drag racing track in NY. This semester the club worked to improve the performance of the EV for its speed and time it takes to cover 1/4 mile.

Contact us for more information at

Follow the club on Facebook here.

Faculty Advisor: Ying Yu

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a leading global organization that consists of both professionals and current students. This well-established group of individuals strives to advance technology for the betterment of humanity, and spans across many fields of study. With renewable energy, electric cars, artificial intelligence becoming the global topics of intense interest in the scientific and engineering world, IEEE has become more important than it ever was. The IEEE student chapter/club offers opportunities for internships, real-world experience, school funded research projects, and panel discussions with corporate leaders and recent alumni. Along with major events,  members of the club also have monthly gatherings to work on projects and other group activities.

Members don’t have to be electrical or computer engineering majors and can be any CETA major to participate. We are looking forward to the future to come! If you’re interested, please feel free to join our mailing list to stay informed on club news on upcoming events.

Students interested in joining the University's IEEE chapter are welcome to reach out to

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor: Clara Fang

The University of Hartford Institute of Transportation Engineers student chapter was founded to provide a medium for students to connect with transportation engineering professionals and to provide transportation education for all students. ITE is a club that encourages both graduate and undergraduate students to participate. This group hosts informational lunch and learns in addition to monthly meetings to update students with current trends related to the transportation engineering field.

Students interested in joining the University's ITE chapter are welcome to reach out to

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor: Krista Hill

The purpose of oSTEM is to provide a safe and welcoming environment to members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies in STEM fields. It will serve as a way to discuss inclusion and allyship within the university as well as in professional fields. It will also provide a place for members to make professional connections and learn about aspects of job searching and office environments that can be especially challenging for LGBTQ+ people.

If you have any questions, interested in joining, or want to contact us separately feel free to email Maeve Cantwell or Eva Von Dell. Everyone is welcome!

Learn more about the organization here.

Faculty Advisor: Ted Sawruk

NOMAS is the student branch of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMAS).  NOMAS' mission is to champion diversity within the design profession by promoting excellence, community engagement, and the professional development of its members.  NOMAS membership is open to EVERYONE that is interested in supporting NOMAS' mission, regardless of race, gender, or age.

Members raise funds to attend the national conference, sponsor academic events, visit minority-owned firms throughout the northeast, initiate community service initiatives, and participate in various student design competitions.  The annual student exhibition and Beaux-Arts Ball are examples of events coordinated jointly with other student organizations within CETA and the Department of Architecture.

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor:

Founded in 1975, the mission of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is "to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community." With over 500 chapters, membership as of 2018 is at 19,000 – a 10 % increase over 2016/17 – and growing, NSBE is one of the largest student-governed organizations based in the United States. One of NSBE’s strategic goals has been the “10K goal,” which is to lead the U.S. to produce 10,000 black bachelor’s degree recipients in engineering annually by 2025, up from over 3500 graduates in 2014. The NSBE chapter at University of Hartford (is up to the task as it) has a long history, extending back decades, and is undergoing a resurgence of activity! Membership in the organization is made up of students from a variety of backgrounds and academic majors, who are united by the mission statement, the activities that NSBE and its chapters facilitate, and the advancement of engineering knowledge for all. Members are also encouraged to join and participate in their individual major-related professional societies, for a most robust experience. The NSBE chapter at UHart initiates and participates in a wide range of programs, events, and service activities, within and outside the university, which stimulate professional and technical development, leadership, career-readiness, and overall support of students’ success!

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor: Gabe Herman

RedTail Records is University of Hartford's student-run record label, devised with the task of providing a platform for students to record, release, and market their compositions, with the intent of enriching the greater local music community. Learn how to run a record label while meeting people with similar career interests as you!

Contact us for more information at

Faculty Co-Advisors: Kiwon Sohn and Akin Tatoglu

UHART Robotics Club works on various ongoing projects in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and real-time control systems (such as humanoids, mobile robots, industrial robots, service robots and drones). Members of this organization also participate in the following research groups:

Every year, more than 50 students from multiple majors (electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering and computer science) work in the team. They range from first-year to graduate students.

Faculty Advisor: Cy Yavuzturk

The University of Hartford Formula SAE Team is a group of highly dedicated individuals who spend a significant amount of time during their school year designing, building, and ultimately racing a Formula SAE racecar.  Every year in May, a new racecar takes part in an international competition sanctioned by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International).

More than 100 teams from colleges and universities across the globe compete in this unique engineering design challenge.  The competition is based not only on the racing performance of the vehicle, but also on the engineering practices used in the design process as well as the cost and manufacturing of the vehicle, and the team’s business and marketing plans for the vehicle.

Over the years, the University of Hartford FSAE Team has shown steady improvement, working hard to establish itself as an underdog contender in a competition ruled by schools of a much larger size and financial means. The team achieved significant improvements from 2015 to 2018, going from not finishing a car, to placing 72nd overall all the way to 31st within a few short years. This success is due in large part to the extreme dedication of team members who regularly put in 25 or more hours a week of work on the car, while being full-time engineering students with heavy course loads.

The other key factor in the success of our team is our sponsors.  The team sponsors have played an absolutely critical role over the years especially in recent years with challenging economic times and the ever-rising costs of travel and transportation.  Without the dedicated support of our sponsors, the team would not be able to either manufacture the car or get it to the competition.

Watch video on the FSAE team here.

Contact us for more information at


The University of Hartford FSAE Team needs the support of its sponsors and partners to continue to succeed and grow. After a major redesign of the car in the 2018-19 school year, the team now has a strong base to grow on and develop into a success. With that base completed, the team is focusing on improvements to the new car, as well as growing the team in both size and skill.

In order to improve the vehicle, a larger budget will be required than in the past. Also, in order to grow the team in size, it is highly desirable to bring as many new members as possible to each competition so they can gain and learn from this incredible experience. With the extra attending members, however, comes an increase in travel, housing, and food costs during the five-day trip. Support from our sponsors is crucial to the team’s ability to not only the car, but also to get the team to compete and be successful.

Our sponsors provide not only monetary support, but engineering expertise and fabrication support. These contributions make the team stronger and able to produce a more competitive final product, while also helping each individual team member become a better engineer.

The FSAE team continues to grow this year, meaning the members are more competitive and ambitious than ever before. For the 2019 season, the car’s suspension has completely been redesigned and improved. The team is planning to work on the following:

  • Revised rear suspension
  • New spindles
  • Preliminary Revo Package

Current Sponsors

Faxon Engineering
FK Fod Ends
Garrett by Honeywell
Homa Pump Technology
Lime Rock Park
Marren Fuel Injection
Mr. Paul Oliva
Performance Electronics Ltd
SAE International
Safecraft Racing
Solid Works
University of Hartford Student Government Association (SGA)
TTM Manufacturing
United Tool and Die
VR3 Engineering



All monetary and service donations to the University of Hartford Formula SAE are tax-deductible.

The team and its sponsors are exposed to both local and international markets. Over 3000 motorsports enthusiasts, as well as many multinational enterprises, attend the FSAE competition each year.

The University of Hartford Formula SAE team helps promote its sponsors throughout the year by attending multiple events such as track days at Lime Rock Park, the College of Engineering Technology and Architecture fair at the University of Hartford and the Formula SAE International competition at Michigan International Speedway.

Students who have joined our Formula SAE team have been recognized by employers such as MTU Aero Engines and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation to be significantly more prepared over other graduate engineers to solve real-world challenges. The practical engineering applications to which Formula SAE members are exposed are an exceptional experience for any undergraduate student.

By supporting our team you will not only help our students to excel professionally, you will also build a strong network of potential employees and customers through the relationship with our team members.


Large-sized logos on both sides or on the front of the car
University of Hartford Formula SAE polo shirt or sweatshirt (any size)
Medium-sized logo on future Hartford Formula SAE members’ uniforms
A framed picture including the sponsors, final car design and the team                       

Medium-sized logos on both sides of the formula car
University of Hartford Formula SAE polo shirt (any size)
Small-sized logo on future Hartford Formula SAE members’ uniform
A picture including the sponsors, final car design and the team

Small-sized logo on the side of the formula car
University of Hartford Formula SAE polo shirt (any size)
A picture including the sponsors, final car design and the team

University of Hartford Formula SAE polo shirt (any size)
A plaque presented to sponsor with their company/name, team and final car design

Co-Faculty Advisors: Reihaneh Jamshidi, Johanna Raphael, and Ying Yu

The mission of SWE as an international organization is to "Empower women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering and technology professions as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion". As a campus organization, our section provides events for women in CETA to get to know each other, as well as participate in professional development and networking events. We also hold campus-wide events to break down misconceptions and promote women in engineering.

Contact us for more information at

Learn more about the national society here.

Faculty Advisor:

Women in Architecture and Design, or “WAD”, at the University of Hartford embodies the goal of advancing and supporting women in the allied fields of architecture and design while providing educational programming, mentoring, and illuminating career opportunities. WAD welcomes all students at the University of Hartford by providing space for connecting students to staff and professionals in their fields.

Contact us for more information at