College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions

Minor in Teacher Education

The 18-credit Minor in Teacher Education will introduce you to the study of education and human development, including infant and child development.  You will be prepared for additional study toward a career as a classroom teacher or in related fields such as psychology, advocacy, or social work.

Please note that the minor does not qualify you for initial teacher certification. If you are interested in becoming a fully certified classroom teacher, you should complete one of our bachelor's or master’s programs in education.

Students who minor in Teacher Education can continue progress toward a career in teaching through graduate study in a teacher certification program. A minor in Teacher Education can also help prepare you for:

  • advocacy work on behalf of children and families;
  • work at non-profits or non-governmental organizations;
  • related fields such as psychology, counseling, social work, publishing, and educational technology;
  • health-related fields that include working with children or adolescents.

Program Requirements

Students minoring in Teacher Education will complete the following 18-credit program:

EDF 120W - Introduction to Education: Schooling and Human Services 3 credit(s)

EDH 220P - Psychology of Exceptionalities 3 credit(s)

EDP 230 - Educational Psychology 3 credit(s)

PSY 132 - Human Development 3 credit(s)

PSY 240 - Infant and Child Development 3 credit(s)

CT 243 - Computers in the Classroom 3 credit(s)

See the course catalog for complete information about the program.

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Department of Education

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