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Department of Education

Department of Education student in classroom

All of us can remember a favorite teacher who made a major impact on our lives.  If you want to be a passionate, inspiring teacher for your students, our education programs will give you a great foundation for a rewarding career.

Our education programs prepare confident, versatile, creative teachers prepared to work in a variety of settings. Our alumni are employed in early childhood centers, public and private schools, higher education institutions, and at the highest levels of education administration.

With job growth for kindergarten and elementary school teachers expected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026, the demand for teachers will remain strong.

The UHart Difference

On-Campus Magnet Schools
University of Hartford Magnet School

Two magnet schools are located right on our campus: The University of Hartford Magnet School, a pre-K to grade 5 elementary school (above), and the University High School of Science and Engineering. Both provide opportunities for fieldwork and student teaching.


  • Real-world learning begins right away - you’ll have classroom experience beginning your first semester of your first year.
  • With five schools on campus or within walking distance, we have multiple opportunities for teacher training right in our backyard.
  • Our bachelor’s degree in Integrated Elementary and Special Education allows you to earn two Connecticut certifications in four years, which opens doors to many more career options.
  • Our Montessori concentrations allow you to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree with an internationally recognized Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) diploma in one program.
  • Undergraduates can pursue research with our experienced faculty members.
  • Our honors program provides exceptional academic and co-curricular experiences for students seeking advanced inquiry and deeper exploration in education.
  • Class sizes are small, and you’ll receive ample individual mentoring from our faculty.

At the graduate level, we offer programs to support you at various stages of your career, including master’s degree programs in early childhood, special education, and a Montessori concentration. Our doctoral program in educational leadership offers advanced training to mid-career adults interested in shaping their postsecondary education work environments into dynamic learning communities.

When I was job hunting, many employers took note of my dual certification in elementary and special education. That flexibility really made me stand out, along with the research I completed and presented at a national conference through the honors program. They were at the top of my resume.”

Hannah Schultz ‘14, special education teacher, New London, Conn. Public Schools

From Classroom to Career

Teacher in classroom

Through clinical experiences at approximately 55 partner schools throughout the state, you’ll gain the skills and training to become confident leading a classroom.  Fieldwork, practica and student teaching experiences take place throughout your program.

Principals, assistant principals, and teachers from our partner schools also meet with us regularly to help shape our clinical experiences and curriculum, ensuring they are meaningful and relevant in the changing landscape of education.

Our programs weave together coursework, clinical experiences, and preparation for Praxis exams to help students successfully obtain State of Connecticut certification.

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Majors
Undergraduate Minors
Graduate Programs
Additional Programs

These programs are offered in partnership with other University of Hartford schools and colleges:

Department Faculty and Staff

Theresa Abodeeb-Gentile
Associate Professor of Elementary Education
Department of Education

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Paige Bray
Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
Department of Education

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Karen Case
Associate Professor of Administration and Supervision
Department of Education

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Jillian Cavanna
Assistant Professor of Elementary Education, STEM, and Innovation
Department of Education

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Maleka Donaldson
Assistant Professor of Early Elementary Education
Department of Education

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Sarah Hart
Assistant Professor of Special Education
Department of Education

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Thilagha Jagaiah
Assistant Professor of Special Education; Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
Department of Education

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Karla I. Loya
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Department of Education

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Peter Oliver
Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Human Development
Department of Education

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Michael Panicello
Coordinator of Assessment & Accreditation
Department of Education

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Kristina Perleoni
Office Coordinator
Department of Education

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Sheetal Sood
Department Chair; Director of Online Education Graduate Programs; Associate Professor of Special Education
Department of Education

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Lisa Zawilinski
Executive Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation; Associate Professor Elementary Education
Department of Education

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Department Contacts

Sheetal Sood, Department Chair

Kristina Perleoni, Office Coordinator

Michael Panicello, Coordinator of Assessment & Accreditation, Certification Officer

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