Music management and performing arts management, are dynamic degree programs designed to prepare you for a career in the rapidly advancing music and performing arts fields such as the record industry, music publishing, touring, fundraising, and arts marketing. Classes are taught by current and former practicing professionals from a wide range of segments from the arts and entertainment industries; including recording studios, record labels, non-profit agencies, live music venues, music publishers, and law offices.

Marcus Thomas

Associate Professor of Music Industry, Chair of the Music Industry Department,

Marcus Thomas is an educator and entertainment attorney who is also trained as a screenwriter and publicist. During his 25-year career, he has maintained a boutique entertainment law practice and held several in-house positions with entertainment companies including a major record label, major-affiliated music publisher and the nation’s largest education music print publisher.


Bachelor of Music- Music Management

When you study music management at Hartt, you become a music and arts business professional in fields such as record production, band management, or fundraising for an arts organization. The program combines arts management, business, and music classes to offer students a balanced course of study that develops strong musical skills and equally strong business acumen. Prospective students must audition to be admitted to the Music Management program. After a successful interview and audition, students are required to maintain musicianship training through music theory, lessons, and performance ensembles.

Bachelor of Arts- Performing Arts Management

The Performing Arts Management trains non-musicians and informal musicians to become music and arts professionals for entities such as record labels, publishing companies, talent agencies, and professional dance, opera, and theater companies. The program combines arts management, business, communication, and interdisciplinary classes to offer you a well-rounded course of study that develops a diversified portfolio of cognitive and analytical business skills. A successful interview must be completed to be admitted to the Performing Arts Management program.

In addition, the minor in performing arts management is open to all University of Hartford students.

Music and Performing Arts Management

Marcus Thomas
Associate Professor; Chair, Music and Performing Arts Management
Music and Performing Arts Management

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Mehmet Dede
Associate Professor
Music and Performing Arts Management

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Lief Ellis
Artist Teacher; Manager, Performing Arts Technology
Music and Performing Arts Management
Dean's Office for Hartt

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Gabriel Herman
Assistant Professor of Music Production and Technology
Music Production and Technology

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Nicole Arruda

BA in Performing Arts Management, 2019

After landing an internship at the artist management company, Triple 8 Management, Nicole secured her current full time position with AGD Entertainment in the Zero to Sixty artist development program– a curriculum based day-to-day management program that provides education, mentorship, and support services for developing artists. Learn more about Nicole's Hartt experience.

Lean on a small, tight-knit family like the PAM program and it's professors and maximize every connection it gives you. Trust me, that [program] ended up making me stand out...because it gave me a deeper, more personal, and different look at the industry.

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