Financial Aid forms are available for undergraduate students to download. 

The following 2024-25 forms are available for download:

Tax Documentation

All requests take approximately 5 to 10 business days to process. 

Online Requests

Online requests are available at If you have never filed taxes before in prior years, use the paper request process below. 

  • On Homepage, click "Get Your Tax Record" 
  • Click “Get Transcript ONLINE”. If at any point, you cannot validate your identity, please use Mail Requests option. Follow prompts to obtaining Tax Return Transcript, not Account Transcript. 

Telephone Requests

Telephone requests are available from the IRS by calling 1-800-908-9946. If you have never filed taxes before in prior years, use the paper request process below. 

  • Follow prompts by entering appropriate tax filer information.
  • Select "Option 2" to request an IRS Tax Transcript/Verification of Non-filing Letter and then enter the applicable tax year (i.e. 2018). 

Paper Requests

Paper requests using IRS Form 4506-T are available by downloading the form.

  • Line 5 provides tax-filer/non-filer’s with the option to have their IRS Verification of Non-filing
  • Letter mailed directly to a third party by the IRS. Do not have your IRS Verification of Non-filing Letter sent directly to the University of Hartford. 
  • Select the checkbox on the right hand side: 
    • Tax Filers: A—Return Transcript (Not Account Transcript or Record of Account)
    • Non-filers: 7—Verification of Non-filing 
  • Line 9: Year or period requested fields, enter applicable tax year (i.e. 12/31/2018).
  • The tax filer/non-filer must sign and date the form and enter their telephone number. Only one signature is required when requesting a joint IRS Transcript. 
  • Mail or fax the completed IRS Form 4506-T to the address (or FAX number) provided on page 2 of Form 4506-T. 


Please include student’s name and ID on all documentation submitted to the University of Hartford. If you still have issues, the Website Help Desk can be reached toll-free at 1-800-876-1715, Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.

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