Emeriti Association

The Emeriti Association of the University of Hartford is comprised of retired faculty who have been granted emeritus status by the Board of Regents and administrators who have been granted membership by the Emeriti Association.

Emeriti Association members have a relationship that spans over fifty years with UHart. Along with the memory they carry, comes a commitment by our members to strive to keep the University financially healthy, interesting, knowledgeable, able to handle the intricacies of a challenging world, and dedication to the well-being of our students and the contexts in which we live. While many students will pass through their time here without a glance backward, others will treasure their association with us for a lifetime, assured that some of us are still here, upholding the standards of the University and its continuity. We had a fruitful relationship with many of our students: we remember them and they often remember us. We are a resource that can be available for student recruitment, contact with alumni, and development of community constituents.

Each year we provide scholarships for worthy UHart undergraduate students and encourage students to apply.

Plenary Meeting October 25, 2022

The last plenary meeting was held on October 25, 2022, at 10 a.m. Walter Banzhaf presented "WE ARE VERY LIKELY TO DIE: THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY OF THE SINKING OF THE R/V SEA SURVEYOR". 2022 Emeriti Scholars Megan Bainbridge, Alecsander Boyd, and Alexander Hartofelis introduced themselves to the Emeriti. Molly Polk and Mark Boxer provided an update. Please go to the Plenary Meetings page for more details.


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Please support the Emeriti Scholarship Fund

One of the most rewarding undertakings as an Association since our founding is our Emeriti Scholarship Program. Our student awardees are both dedicated scholars and contributors to the University community and beyond.