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Emeriti Matters is an annual newsletter first published in July 2017. Each volume highlights scholarship recipients, a member of the Emeriti Association, current activities of some members, and other information of interest to the UHart community and association members. Newsletters to date:

Members of the Emeriti Association are welcome and encouraged to submit a paragraph of their recent activities and interests, to keep their EA colleagues up- to-date. Please submit your paragraph to Some additions:

Fall 2019

Regina Miller, ENHP. Regina will serve as the Interim Director of The Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Hartford for this coming academic year.

Stephen Gryc, Hartt, Composition. This coming October Professor Gryc will be a Guest Composer at the University of Ottawa and will teach a course in the University of Hartford’s Presidents’ College titled “Composer and Performer: How Music Is Made”. Stephen’s work is being performed throughout the country: Universities of Rochester, Hartford, Kentucky, Florida State, Arizona State, Oregon State, Ball State, the libraries at Englewood New Jersey and Middletown, CT, the Museums of Art Complex (Boston) and the New Britain Museum of American Art.

Humphrey Tonkin, Past President and University Professor of Humanities, Emeritus. Gave a series of lectures on Shakespeare for the San Marino Academy of Sciences. Published a couple of essays one on the great Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz, and the other on the Hungarian novelist Gyula Baghy. Taught a seminar on post-Elizabethan Great Britain for the U of H Presidents’ College.

Harvey Jassem, A&S, Communications. Harvey’s co-edited book, Urban Communication Regulation: Communication Freedom and Limits, Jassem and Drucker (eds) was published this year. He also serves on the boards of the Urban Communication Foundation, the Greater Hartford Jewish Community Relations Council, the University’s radio station WWUH, and hosts Monday morning Jazz on the station each week.

Fall 2018

Harvey Jassem, A&S, Communication. My co-edited book came out earlier this year. Urban Communication Regulation: Communication Freedoms and Limits, Harvey Jassem and Susan Drucker, eds., was published by Peter Lang Publishing and contains works by Jassem, Drucker, and other scholars examining a variety of ways in which local regulations impact communication in urban areas. Jassem is a founding member of the Urban Communication Foundation and serves on its Board of Directors. He also serves on several other boards, including the Greater Hartford Jewish Community Relations Council, and radio station WWUH, where he hosts Monday Morning Jazz each week.

Donald Ellis, A&S, Communications. I look forward to joining your ranks and connecting with some old friends. In the meantime, I thought I would make my blog address available to those of you who might not be on my distribution list or would like to be. The blog deals with political communication issues in general with a focus on political conflict and communication. Just click below. You can join the blog at the top left opening screen. Just making it available to anyone you might be interested. I promise not to clutter up your email beyond occasional announcements and postings.

Summer 2018

Wally Banzhaf, CETA, Engineering Technology. Member, Board of Directors, Tariffville Water Commission. Training to be a docent, Old Newgate Prison & Copper Mine. Math tutor to Syrian refugee HS student, presented 4 workshops on making wire puzzles and electronic soldering at Simsbury Library, building a 3D kit.

Bill Coleman, A&S, Biology. One of my watercolors got an honorable mention at the Spring competitive show at the Fine Arts Center in Dunedin, FL. In April, I went from Beijing to Shanghai on a tour in China.

Mike Kahn, A&S, Clinical Psychology. Supervised a UConn psychiatric resident as Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical School. Chaired an intersubjective/relational psychoanalytic study group for the Connecticut Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology, maintained private practice in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, celebrated wife’s 80th birthday with family at the Cliff House in Ogunquit. I resumed playing jazz saxophone, and gave a lecture at Emanuel Synagogue, “Growing up under the Shadow of the Holocaust.”

Sandra Katz, Hillyer, English. I gave a PowerPoint presentation on May 12, 2018 to alumni at the Avon Old Farms School. The talk was based on Dearest of Geniuses, the biography I wrote of Theodore Pope Riddle, the architect and founder of the school.

Harald Sandstrom, A&S, Politics and Government. It’s all about music! My barbershop chorus “Hartford Men in Harmony” did its Annual Show in Millard last year, will return November 10 with International Quartet Finalist “category 4” and Sweet Adelines “Sound of New England Chorus.” samples at My quartet “Perpetuity” sang Valentines all over central CT last year and will deliver Valentines again next February. My quartet will compete for the Northeastern District championship in October.

Humphrey Tonkin, President Emeritus, Professor of Humanities. My edition of Tivadar Soros’s Masquerade was translated in Japanese (2017) and Mongolian (2018), the tenth and eleventh translations to have appeared. I recently (2018) published an Esperanto translation of Christopher Chippendale’s High Way to Heaven and an edition of collected English-language essays on planned language by Detlev Blanke (2018). I serve on a couple of NGO committees at the UN in New York and chair the board of a small foundation.

Bob Wallace, A&S, Psychology and Biology. Chaired the Executive Committee and the Emeriti Association, University of Hartford. Member College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board.

Ralph Zegarelli, A&S, Computer Science. With Jane Horvath teaches CS 105  - Agent-Based Modeling – a required course in the newly established Complexity Minor. He is a member of the Van Rooy Center for Complexity and Conflict Analysis, Board of Directors and attends biweekly meetings of Complexity Center, a group discussion of complexity theory with professors and students. Each semester Ralph enjoys serving students at “Midnight Breakfast”.