Keeping Hawks Healthy

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Executive Board

ChairBen Ide
HJG 108; 4467


Recording Secretary—Laura D’Angelo-Gohn
A 227E; 4785

Treasurer—Linda Zigmont
UC 101; 4966

Communications DirectorStephanie Fengler
UT 209A; 4597

Contact Staff Council

Committee Members

Benefits Task Force—Cindy Oppenheimer
EH 117; 5391

Budget Advisory Team
Randi Ashton-Pritting
HJG 219; 4268
Laura Heemskerk
UT 203; 4844

Communications Committee—Vacant

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Task Force—Vacant

Faculty Senate—Ben Ide
HJG 108; 4467

Fundraising—Amy Kopec
GSU 307; 4285

Presidential Commission on the Status of Women—Donna Clarke
D 429; 4377

Officers and Community Representatives


Grievance Officer—Laura Heemskerk
UT 203; 4844


Asylum Avenue Campus—Shelli McMillen Soto
AAC GTW; 5653

Athletics—Stacie Wentz
Sports Center; 4949

Barney School of Business—Vacant

Bates House—Vacant

Beatrice Auerbach Computer and Administrative Building—Vacant

College of Arts and Sciences—Vacant

College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions—Vacant

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture—Allison Poulin
UT 203; 5795

Facilities and Operations—Miguel Otero
O 101; 7887

Finance and Administrative Services—Vacant

Gengras Student Union—Meagan Murphy-Rennie
GSU 309D; 5100

Harrison Libraries—Lisa Wollenberg
HJG 131; 4840

Hartford Art School—Rebecca Lee
HAS 252; 4158

The Hartt School—Vacant

Hillyer College—Vacant

Institutional Advancement—Victoria Sandoval
HPAC 108; 2444

Office of Marketing and Communication—Lawrence Rosado
UC 101; 4937

Public Safety—Pete Bergenholtz
O 116; 7823

Residential Life—Margaret Reynolds
ORL; 7909

Member At-Large, Exempt—Vacant

Member At-Large, Exempt—Kate Hohenthal
GSU 309, GSU 203; 4286

Member At-Large, Non-ExemptCindy Oppenheimer
EH 117; 5391

Member At-Large, Non-Exempt—Bettina Viereck
EH 117G; 5323