Our Students Say Thanks

Destynie Medeiros

"I am incredibly thankful for the opportunities I obtained at UHart which have allowed me to continue my education in neuroscience. I'm grateful there are people like you in this world giving to young students like me, who, little by little, try to make a difference in their communities."

—Destynie Mdeiros '19, Biology, graduated summa cum laude, University Honors

I am an active member in the UHart community, and involved in many clubs including the American Society of Civil Engineers, Transportation and Development Institute, and Society of Women Engineers. In addition, I am the president and founder of the UHart chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. My involvement in the clubs listed above have made me recognize the numerous support systems that exist throughout my community. I have the opportunity to learn from people of all different backgrounds, with all different points of view

Gina Depasquale '21, Civil Engineering and Mathematics
Jarrett Bryan Lagler '18

"The University of Hartford offered me an extraordinary opportunity to study at the crossroads of my passions for both engineering and music with the unique acoustics program. Receiving the Ribicoff Prize was a joyful culmination and recognition for the work I have done. The prize bookended a chapter of my life in an incredibly memorable way."

—Jarret Bryan Lagler '18, BSE, summa cum Laude, University Honors

Aaliyah Booker '19

"My time at Oxford has been lovely thus far—the city is charming and I find myself so inspired by the vast history. I’m thrilled to be studying with such accomplished professors and have found an incredible community of friendly intellects at Oxford University’s Faculty of Music Thanks to UHart and all the support I have received, I’m well prepared for this next leg of my artistic journey. Thank you!"

—Aaliyah Booker '19, Music Performance

I am honored to have a chance to travel with the University of Hartford and share an important part of history, for not just the Lithuanian people, but for the world. Lithuania will be an opportunity of a lifetime to research an open-air museum and see the vast collection of authentic buildings where the Lithuanian people lived and worked. It will be amazing to see how the current culture is living while rediscovering an old culture that had existed in that city. To be able to piece together a story that has been lost in time is extraordinary and I am so glad I get to be a part of documenting history.

Kyle Conti '21, Cinema, Liberal Studies