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Changes to the 2020-2021 Calendar

We've made the following important updates to the academic calendar for the 2020-2021 academic year. Our plans and schedule, of course, are dependent on the ongoing guidance from the state of Connecticut and public health officials. 

Spring Semester

In consultation with the State of Connecticut and the Department of Public Health, we will maintain a full campus quarantine until February 7, with classes being offered only in a remote format for the first week of class. On February 8, we will resume in-person instruction, in addition to our blended offerings of hybrid, remote, and online courses. Dependent on state and health agency recommendations, campus will return to normal operations at that time. 

We are also eliminating spring break. Many of our peer institutions in the state and across the country are following a similar strategy. By making these changes and keeping students on campus and not having a spring break, we prevent travel-related risks and avoid complications caused by the state travel advisory.

Although there will not be a spring break, the University will create opportunities for downtime throughout the semester, during which the University will offer additional fun, safe, and relaxing events.

Spring schedule:

Monday, Feb. 1

Classes begin. All classes will be held remotely for the first week of classes.

Monday, Feb. 8

In-person instruction resumes, in addition to our blended offerings of hybrid, remote, and online courses.

Friday, May 7

Classes End:

Saturday, May 8

*Final Exams Begin:

Sunday, May 9

Reading Day

Friday, May 14

Final Exams End 

  • There are only a few courses that typically meet on Saturdays for exams


WinterTerm will be fully online this winter. It began on Saturday, Dec. 26, and will end on Friday, Jan. 15.

Fall Semester


On-campus classes concluded at the end of the day. Students departed for Thanksgiving break and will not return to campus until the beginning of spring semester. This schedule reduces the risks of virus spread during flu season; allows for a thorough cleaning of all campus facilities; and limits the possibility of students, faculty, and staff returning to campus after potentially being exposed to the virus during travel over the Thanksgiving break.

We recognize this change means less time for students in our residential and dining facilities. As a result, we have proactively reduced room and board costs by two weeks. Revised bills for residential students will reflect this reduction. See the cost reduction.  


Fall classes, review sessions, office hours, reading days, and final exams were completed remotely.