First-Year Residential Experience

We are here to help!

The Office of Residential Life is here for you—reach out to us at any time with questions. 

Living on campus is a big part of your college experience—you'll have the opportunity to live amongst other students who we hope you will be able to call life-long friends. 

UHart should feel like home. That’s why we offer flexible living arrangements to suit your individual lifestyle and preference.

As a first-year student, you’ll have access to a double room, study lounges, and laundry facilities.

Please note: the Housing Application will not be available until your deposit has been submitted and processed (which typically takes 48 business hours) and you receive your University email address.

Welcome Home to UHart!

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We are here to make your transition to living on campus a smooth one! Our team is here to help answer questions you might have regarding housing fees, housing requirementsmoving to campus, and residential life.

In addition to our team, you can also get to know our Residential Directors (RD) and Residential Assistants (RA) who will there to help UHart feel like home!

The Resident Assistants (RAs) assigned to each residence hall make an effort to get to know you and help you to form connections with other residents around shared interests. In addition to the connections made within the building—they also help you to make connections with other students that have shared interests as you throughout campus!

First Year Housing Options

You will have access to various room types (all of which are air-conditioned), study lounges, and complementary laundry facilities. We also allow you to choose your own roommate, and first-year students have the option of being a part of a Residential Learning Community. For your convenience, dining halls, wellness facilities, and academic buildings are just a short walking distance away.

Neighborhood Housing

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In our Neighborhoods, you can request to live in a gendered, co-ed, or gender inclusive double-occupancy or single-occupancy room, with access to floor lounges.

Neighborhood rooms are furnished with the following per resident:

  • One XL twin bed and mattress
  • One desk
  • One desk chair
  • Closet space
  • Drawers, either built into the closet or as a separate unit

You can expect fun events and projects throughout the year within your residence hall and across campus! Your community at UHart awaits. 

residence halls

A, B, and C Neighborhoods are traditional-style residence halls comprised of four smaller buildings. Each floor houses 8-20 students in single- and double-occupancy rooms. Shared floor lounges and bathrooms are on mixed-gender hallways (meaning students of different genders live next door to one another)Students can also request to live on a floor for only women or menThe four buildings that comprise each Neighborhood are listed below. 



Neighborhood Buildings

A Neighborhood


B Neighborhood


C Neighborhood

Malcolm X

doubles room

F Neighborhood is a traditional-style residence hall, comprised of four smaller buildings, housing 6-20 students on each floor. Floors have single- and double-occupancy rooms in mixed-gender hallways (meaning students of different genders live next door to one another). Multiple, single-use bathrooms are located in the hallways and shared by the residents of each floor. Residents also have access to a community kitchen and shared floor lounges.


F Neighborhood Buildings

  • Stowe
  • Webster
  • Gallaudet
  • Barnard

Residential Learning Communities

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First-year students have the option to live in a Residential Learning Community (RLC). Our four RLCs provide students with a shared residential and academic experience where they connect with like-minded peers in Hawk Hall.

Participants engage with faculty program staff and other students in weekly meetings, at Commons, or by attending RLC-specific activities that revolve around your passions. Students form study groups, play ping pong, and have late-night conversations with their classmates—who also happen to be their neighbors—in floor lounges.

Join us for a living and learning experience you won't forget.  

Application Process

New students apply to be a part of a Residential Learning Community by completing the "Residential Learning Community" section on the Housing Application found in Self-Service​. Students can go back in to their application at any time to complete this section. The deadline to apply for a Residential Learning Community is May 17.

students hanging out in their room in Hawk Hall

Hawk Hall has single and double rooms on mixed-gender hallways (meaning students of different genders live next door to one another), community kitchen, and community study and social lounges. Shared bathroom facilities, designated by gender, are located in the middle of each floor. Each room is furnished with two XL twin beds and mattresses, two desks, two chairs, two dressers, and closet space.


The STEM-C Residential Learning Community brings students with a common interest in STEM-C together to expand their horizons in rapidly changing industries. Meet and live amongst students majoring in Engineering, Art, Business, Health Sciences and more with a common interest in STEM-C. Together, you will acquire an in-depth knowledge of current STEM-C developments, learn about exciting breakthroughs in different fields of study, strengthen interdisciplinary teamwork skills, collaborate on new concepts, and build the competencies necessary to be a future industry leader. Activities include seminars on the latest discoveries in STEM fields, conversations with STEM entrepreneurs, a field trip to a local museum, and hands-on experiments to gain insight into real-world applications. You could be a part of the next generation of STEM-C leaders! Please note that all STEM-C participants are required to attend a 50-minute biweekly seminar and community activities throughout the fall semester.


Take your University Honors experience to another level by living with other Honors students in Hawk Hall. Here, you will gain powerful tools to facilitate your personal and professional development. Your experience revolves around two key concepts: mentoring and networking. Through a series of guided activities, you will learn how to build relationships with upper-level Honors students who can help guide your college experience and career trajectory. In addition to participating in University Honors events—including the President's Reception for First-Year Honors Students, and the Undergraduate Research Colloquium—students will explore campus activities. Participants will also take Contemporary American Studies (HON162/USIC-D 212) and attend a weekly seminar throughout the fall semester. Students must be accepted as a University Honors student to apply; the Honors course fulfills the honors general education requirements for all the Colleges.


If you want to pursue wellness and healthy living and help others do the same, the Wellness Community is for you! Students who are part of the Wellness Community explore the many dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, financial, and spiritual wellness. As a member of this community, you will help engage peers in University wellness initiatives, support and encourage one another, improve your overall well-being, and promote healthy lifestyles on and off campus. Students will participate in a UISS Seminar course that focuses on self-reflection, interactional issues, and other contributions to one’s wellbeing. In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate and coordinate activities that benefit students and the community. Special programming activities and events include meditation, nutrition challenges, self-care discussions, creation of a campus wellness trail, and Wellness Wednesday. Residents will also have the opportunity to promote healthy lifestyles off campus, through volunteer experiences and participation in the Hartford Marathon and Helping Hawks Day of Service.


Explore the world with your new community! Cultural Connections combines coursework, study abroad and intercultural friendships in a residential community where students from diverse ethnic backgrounds and locations engage in explorations of peoples and cultures in the US and around the globe. First-year students who want to engage in conversations, study, and travel to better understand their fellow world citizens, are invited to apply. You’ll take one class together—Literature and Films Across Cultures (UISA-D 120) in the fall. Faculty will meet with you in your residence hall, offering English-language discussion groups, a world cinema movie night, an excursion to New York City, group meals with an ethnic flavor, lectures from international faculty and alumni, and global career-planning discussions. Best of all, you'll have the opportunity to be a part of travel together to Italy as part of UHart Abroad at the end of the year, literally expanding your connections to the world! 

Important Dates

  • Housing Application Opens: Feb. 1 
  • Roommate Portal Opens: May 15
  • RLC Application Deadline: May 17
  • Housing Application Due: June 15 
  • Roommate Selection Deadline: June 20 
  • First-Year Housing Assignments are sent: Mid-July
Housing Process

Welcome to Your UHart Home!