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Residence Halls

UHart Should Feel at Home. That’s why we offer flexible living arrangements to match your individual lifestyle.

You will have access to various room types, study lounges, and free laundry facilities. We also allow you to choose your own roommate. For your convenience, dining halls, wellness facilities, and academic buildings are just a short walking distance away.

Each living area has multiple Resident Assistants (RAs) and a full-time Resident Director (RD), who can help you when you have questions or concerns.

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Housing Options

Hawk Hall
Hawk Hall, our newest residential hall for first-year students.

As a first-year student, you will have access to a double room, study lounges, and free laundry facilities. All first-year housing has air conditioning. You can live alongside people with shared interest in Hawk Hall or choose suite-style residence halls in A through D Neighborhoods. After your second year, you can continue to live in one of our residence halls or campus apartments, or choose off-campus apartment living.

Hawk Hall

Hawk Hall has double rooms with bathroom facilities and study lounges in the hallway. There are a small number of triple rooms available that are larger and designed to be a triple room. It is organized around themed Residential Living Communities, where you will live with other students who have similar interests or are taking the same courses as you. Some of the themes include wellness, community service, global engagement, STEM-C, and creative art expressions.

To live in Hawk Hall, you must submit an essay in the Housing Application about why you want to live in that particular community. The priority deadline for applying to Hawk Hall is early May. Living in a Residential Learning Community does require students to attend regular meetings with their community colead by the Faculty Associate and Resident Assistant (RA).

Hawk Hall rooms are furnished with the following per resident: One XL twin bed and mattress, one desk, one desk chair, one three-drawer dresser, and one closet.

A Through D Neighborhoods

A through D Neighborhoods are standard suite-style residence halls for first-year students and includes double rooms, bathrooms, and study facilities within the suite. Each suite houses between eight and twenty students. The rooms are air-conditioned.

Resident Assistants (RAs) in each neighborhood will get to know each resident and work to help residents form connections around shared interests. Events and projects will occur throughout the year based on the shared interests of residents living in each complex and provide opportunities for residents to form connections within their community.

Neighborhood rooms are furnished with the following per resident: One XL twin bed and mattress, one desk, one desk chair, and one closet. There are drawers available in each room, either built into the closet or a small dresser we provide.

Neighborhood Buildings

a Neighborhood 
  • Andrews
  • Barlow
  • Crandall
  • Olmsted
b Neighborhood
  • Reeve
  • Beecher
  • Stevens
  • Warner
c Neighborhood 
  • Poe
  • Willard
  • Malcolm X
  • Dubois
d Neighborhood
  • King
  • Smith
  • Occum
  • Roth
Upper class housing at UHart

At the University of Hartford, upper class students have access to multiple housing options including apartments, suites, singles, and doubles. All options include study lounges, free laundry facilities, and high-speed internet and cable.

Park River

Park River has fully furnished apartments with kitchens for upper-class students. The apartments house four students in two doubles, a double and two singles, or four singles. The common areas include meeting rooms, lounges, recreation, and laundry facilities. Park River offers a high degree of personal responsibility while residents enjoy all the convenience and support of the University's on-campus services, facilities, and activities. These apartments are air conditioned.

In each Park River bedroom, we provide one XL twin bed and mattress, one desk, and one desk chair per resident. In the living space we provide a kitchen table, four kitchen chairs, one love seat couch, and a coffee table

Village Apartments

Village Apartments are grouped in seven clusters, each with its own courtyard. They consist of one-to-three bedrooms, accommodating up to six students. Each apartment has a living room, one or two bathrooms, and a kitchen that is equipped with appliances (full-sized refrigerator, a stove and cook-top are provided).

Each bedroom is fully furnished with one XL twin bed and mattress, one desk, and one desk chair per resident. The common living space is not furnished: each apartment is provided a kitchen table and four kitchen chairs. Students are encouraged to coordinate with roommates to bring their own soft furnishings and lighting for the shared living space. Air Conditioning is not included, but students wishing to bring a portable, free standing unit with them to campus may do so if they abide by the terms and conditions.

E and F Neighborhoods

E and F Neighborhoods are standard suite-style residence halls housing six to twenty students in each suite. Bathrooms are located in the hallway and shared by the residents of the suite. Each complex has laundry facilities, study lounges, and air conditioning. E and F Neighborhoods also include 75 single rooms.

Each room in E and F Neighborhoods are furnished with 1 XL twin bed and mattress, 1 desk, 1 desk chair per resident. Each room has a closet with either a closet organizer in it with drawers or drawers built into the base of the closet.

Regents Park

Regents Park suites are fully furnished and include a living room, bedrooms, and a bathroom. The suites are designed to house four students in two doubles, a double and two singles, or four singles.

Each bedroom is furnished with one XL twin mattress and bed, one desk, and one desk chair per resident. The living room space is furnished with rqo love seat couches, one coffee table, a kitchen table, and four kitchen chairs. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own suites and negotiating this with their suitemates. Air conditioning is not provided and students are not permitted to bring their own units.

Graduate Housing is available on UHart’s main campus if space is available. Housing is alongside undergraduate students. You will also be required to have a meal plan when living on campus. Please contact the Office of Residential Life for inquires about space and more information.

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