Inclusive Housing Options

Housing Process

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UHart provides living environments that welcome all gender identities.

The Office of Residential Life offers three community style options including gendered (male or female only), co-ed (gendered rooms on mixed gendered floors), and gender-inclusive (non-gendered rooms on mixed gendered floors).

Gender-Inclusive Housing

gender-inclusive housing

Gender-Inclusive Housing is a community where students live on residential floors together with any student regardless of sex, gender, and gender identity/expression. During the roommate search process, students can select another student to live with or be matched based on their housing profile preferences. These communities are available in F Neighborhood and have access to single-use bathrooms. Gender-inclusive roommate groups provide a supportive environment where all residents can feel safe in their housing assignments with respect to their identity and expression. The gender-inclusive roommate group option is open to all residential students.

  • Students will not be automatically placed in a gender-inclusive roommate group. Students must opt into this style of living. All students who are looking to be in a mix gender or gender-inclusive roommate group should opt in to this style of living.
  • Students who select that they want to be in a gender-inclusive roommate group will be directed to a roommate group search portal where they will only see others who have selected this option on their search pages.
  • Through this process students may choose a roommate or roommates of any sex, gender identity and/or gender expression through the roommate group creation process.
  • All roommate groups must be mutually selected in the group creation process. All roommate requests must be accepted before the roommate to officially be apart of the group.
  • Once a gender-inclusive roommate group has selected a unit, it will remain gender inclusive for the duration of the academic year. In the event of a vacancy, the housing office will fill the vacancy first with a new roommate of the groups choosing. If the roommate group does not have a new roommate in mind, an individual who consents to living in a mixed-gender space may be placed in this vacancy using the normal housing process of roommate matching.
  • Students are not released from signed housing agreements due to changes in preferences or room type availability.
  • Students requesting a room change mid-semester must adhere to the room change process. Students living with gender-inclusive roommate group who request a room change mid-semester have the option to be placed in a different gender inclusive space (if available) or placed in an available unit on campus based on standard room change process.
  • The University does not condone the use of this program for romantic couples. Some relationships are ready for this step while others are not, and there can be serious housing challenges for both students should the relationship end.
  • Students are encouraged to maintain an open dialogue with their families, parents, or guardians about their housing selections and their decision to create a gender-inclusive roommate group.

All-Gender Restrooms

There are multiple All-Gender Restrooms available on the Academic side of campus for students, faculty, and staff while classes are in session. Search for "All-Gender Restrooms" on the University's interactive map.

GSU - located on main level near the Center for Student Success

Library - Room L223T

United Technologies (UT) Hall - Room 110T

Auerbach Hall - Room 111T

Harry Jack Gray Center - Room W112 & E205T

1877 Club - Room E231

Bates House - Room 10T

Hillyer - Room 200MT & Slobodkina Reading Room

Dana Hall