Residence Hall and Apartment Safety

Public Safety Phone Numbers

Routine: 860.768.7985
Emergency: 860.768.7777

Never take your personal safety for granted. There is nothing wrong with being too cautious. College life can be exciting and you want the memories to be good ones. Make the most of your time here at the University of Hartford and remember, your personal safety starts with you.

Residential Safety Tips

  • Always lock your door. Make sure you and your roommate are on the same page about this. Even if you’re stepping out for a couple minutes be sure to lock up.
  • Never give your key to another person. If you lose your key, request that your lock be changed as soon as possible.
  • Always communicate with your roommate(s) and watch each other’s backs. Exchange class and work schedules so you have a general idea of where you’re supposed to be in the event that something happens.
  • Lock your windows when you leave the room and when you are sleeping. This is a good practice even if you don't live on the ground level.
  • Never open the door for strangers. Always verify who is at the door by using the peep hole.
  • Always put your high value items away. When you or your roommate have visitors you don't want your expensive headphones, cell phone, wallet, and laptop out for all to see.
  • Know all the evacuation routes within your building. In the event of an emergency you won't have time to check out the posted map. Learn this ahead of time. Agree on a meeting spot with your roommate and other close friends that live in the building.
  • Save these two Public Safety numbers in your cell phone:

    Routine: 860.768.7985
    Emergency: 860.768.7777