Humanities Center Chooses 13 Student Fellows for 2022-23

April 18, 2022
Submitted By: Nicholas Ealy

The Humanities Center is happy to announce that the following 13 students have been chosen as fellows for 2022-23. All will take the year-long honors seminar “Decolonizing the University: Ethnic Studies through Time” with Karen Tejada-Peña, associate professor of sociology (Hillyer College) and will receive a scholarship:

Rachel Addai (International Studies, A&S)

Elisa Ayende (Art, HAS)

Dylan Barnett (Physical Therapy, ENHP)

Leslie Li (Business, Barney)

Samantha Lillis (Civil Engineering, CETA)

Catherine Mazzei (Politics & Government, A&S)

Grace Maruska (Communication, A&S)

Charyl Prince (Psychology, A&S)

Nato Puello (Politics & Government, A&S)

Steven Rimdzius (Mathematics, A&S)

Evania Soljour (Music Management, Hartt)

Amelie Suero (Chemistry, A&S)

Caitlin Trutnau (Politics & Government, A&S)

Professor Tejada-Peña’s seminar will explore the social movements that led to the creation of Ethnic Studies departments in various universities. Starting from the perspective of what it means to be part of a minoritized racial and/or ethnic group in the United States, students will study how much such groups have fought for, and continue to seek, their own liberation through political action, literature, and the arts. The fall semester (HON 389) is a seminar-style class. The spring semester (HON 390) doubles as a public lecture series where six Humanities Center Faculty Fellows from the University of Hartford and other experts in the field will speak. This seminar is part of at least two years of programming at UHart dedicated to Ethnic Studies through the Humanities Center.

There are still two spots left in the class. Any students interested in applying, or any faculty interested in recommending the seminar for their students, please email Nicholas Ealy, director, for more information.

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