Library Quiet Study Zone

April 27, 2022
Submitted By: Annmarie Magurany

If you are in the mood to study within a designated quiet area of the library, during finals week, head down to our CTEI (Center for Teaching Excellence and Innovation) space. Located on the lower level of Harrison Libraries, outside of Allen Library. This area will be zoned off for students who prefer quiet, individual study time.

The following rules will apply in this area:

  • No conversations (If you need to speak on the phone/in person, please exit the area.)
  • No eating
  • Phones and computers muted, or with headphones inaudible to others

For group study, please head to another area of the library so as not to disrupt the folks in Quiet Study.

Where: Lower Level of Harrison Libraries, to the right of Allen Library.

When: Tuesday, May 3 – Wednesday, May, 11.


We’ll also be open for extended hours so you can study in peace all night long.