Humanities Center Announces 15 Student Fellows for 2023-24

April 13, 2023
Submitted By: Nicholas Ealy

The Humanities Center is happy to announce that the following 15 students have been chosen from among 43 applicants as Humanities Student Fellows for 2023-24. All will take the yearlong honors seminar "Fiction, Fabulation, Futurity" with Rashmi Viswanathan, assistant professor of art history (HAS), and will receive a scholarship.


1. Andrea Adjei-Frimpong (Nursing, ENHP)

2. Rally Bryan (Art History, HAS)

3. Julia Cyr (Art History, HAS)

4. Kayla D'Auria (English, A&S)

5. Angelina Gargano (Hillyer/Art History, HAS)

6. Ethan Garstka (Cinema, A&S)

7. Sequoia Hornsby (English, A&S)

8. Jenna Kruse (Studio Art, HAS)

9. Claudine Purdue (Painting, HAS)

10. Devin Putney (History, A&S)

11. Todd Richard (Music, Hartt)

12. Makaila Robinson (Psychology, A&S)

13. Teressa Simpkins (Art History, HAS)

14. JT Tinelli (Architecture, CETA)

15. Arrington Triantris (Architecture, CETA)

Professor Viswanathan's seminar will examine how artists and writers have used fictional stories to reimagine the future of human existence in ways that involve new concepts of race, ethnicity, class, sex, and gender. Along the way, students will explore how these "reimagined futures" raise questions regarding how we think about these concepts in our contemporary “real world.” The fall semester (HON 389) is a seminar-style class. The spring semester (HON 390) doubles as a public lecture series where Humanities Center Faculty Fellows from the University of Hartford and other experts in the field will speak.

The Humanities Center aims to provide greater visibility for the humanities at the University of Hartford and to furnish venues for interdisciplinary exchanges across the humanities and the arts, sciences, technology, media, music, psychology, film, philosophy, history, and literature. It was founded in 1984 in the College of Arts and Sciences through a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant. For more information, visit our webpage or Facebook page.