Keeping Hawks Healthy

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Positioning for the Future

The University of Hartford has embarked on several initiatives in preparation for future opportunities and challenges. These initiatives are guided by committees made up of a wide representation of faculty and staff and, in some cases, regents and students. With the help of outside consultants when applicable, these groups are using their expertise and knowledge about the University of Hartford to conduct in-depth looks at current programs and practices, to look at how other universities address issues, to identify strategically defined goals, and to refocus resources.

Recent Initiatives

The work of these committees is setting the stage for a bright future for the University. Some recent committee initiatives include:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: This standing committee, created in 2017, is charged with defining, managing, and strategizing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at UHart. Learn more about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

  • Information Technology: The Information Technology Executive Council provides executive level leadership in setting IT direction, establishing priorities, making recommendations, guiding and allocating resources, and assessing effectiveness. Learn more about The Information Technology Executive Council. 

  • Campus Beautification: An investment in the University's infrastructure is an investment for its future. That's why UHart has recently committed to making campus-wide improvements, including new construction and building renovations, as well as revitalizing our natural campus landscape. 

  • Division for Student Success: In support our students, the University re-imaged the structure of Student Affairs to provide them with expanded opportunities for development, transformative scholarship, and experiential learning. Opening in Fall 2019, the new Center for Student Success will provide access to support services, including first-year advising, tutoring, financial aid assistance, and career development. Learn more about the Division for Student Success.