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Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer manages the University's auxiliary operations (campus store, dining services, vending, ID card office, mail services, rentals and leases of equipment and property); cash and short-term investments; risk management and insurance; and investments. The Treasurer's Office is also responsible for generation of non-tuition income and ways to create cost efficiencies.

Non-Tuition Revenue

This strategic initiative is important in further strengthening the University’s financial position by diversifying the sources of revenues and by providing long-term cost saving initiatives for the University. 

The basic tenets of this initiative focus on revenue generation, cost savings, and customer service.


University Insurance/Risk Management

  • Negotiate insurance coverage and premiums
  • Process requests for Certificates of Insurance
  • Manage all claims with agent
  • Handle all in-house claims settled by the University
  • Develop budget for claims and risk management
  • Serve on CCIC's Advisory Committee for Insurance
University's Insurance Agent:
R.C. Knox and Company
One Goodwin Square
Hartford, CT 06103

Auxiliary Operations

Services administered by the Treasurer's office regarding auxiliary operations include:
  • Vending
  • On-campus beverage contract
  • On-campus food services contract
  • On-campus bookstore contract
  • ID card office
  • Mail services
  • Laundry and contracted cleaning
  • Student retail laundry service
  • Cell phone contract
  • Purchased vehicle program with State of Connecticut
  • Off-campus rentals of property

Cash and Investments

The Treasurer's Office is responsible for:
  • Short term cash management/investments
  • Bond financed construction/capital projects
  • Special endowment: Hartford, West Hartford and Carney Scholarships
  • Wires and ACH transactions
  • Managing and administering contracts with financial institutions
  • Debt management
  • Oversees management of all leases
  • Primary contact for all CHEFA financing and projects
  • Reporting on all non-endowment investments

Contact the Office of the Treasurer at or
Phone: 860.768.4200
Fax: 860.768.4070