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Below you will find a list of required OSP forms to support your funding proposal requests. These forms assist us in collecting all critical information needed by the University and to apply for the grant. OSP will submit all final grant requests on behalf of the principal investigator (PI).

Please note: all grant proposals must undergo an internal review process prior to submission to the funding agency.

Please provide all of the following required and final documents to our office two weeks prior to the funder's deadline.

Required Document Checklist

  1. ProSum/COI Form - this internal document is required for all grant submissions. Open the PDF document in your browser, download it, and save it to your desktop.  Open Acrobat Reader, go to "File," then open and locate the prosum template. Enter your information into the form and then click "save as" to rename the file.

  2. Appropriate Internal Budget Form

    • Internal Budget Template - Public  - This Excel spreadsheet is used for federal funding agencies (NSF, NIH, NEH) and an indirect cost of 43% can be applied to the budget for F&A cost.

    • Internal Budget Template - Private  - This Excel spreadsheet is used for private funding from state, local and foundation sources where an indirect cost of 10% can be applied. If an indirect cost is not allowed by the funder, the PI may delete the IDC rate formula and note this information on the sheet

  3. Budget Justification - (if required by funding agency) must support the requested budget being submitted by the PI and must not be more than 3 pages for all years of the project combined.

  4. Matching Funds Template - (if applicable) The Match Form, which summarizes the University's cost share or match portion of a proposal, is now integrated into the Internal Budget Templates. Like the Authorization Form, the Match Form needs to be signed by a dean if matching funds or in-kind effort are a component of your submission.

  5. Scope of Work by PI

  6. RFP (if applicable)


*NOTE: If you don't have Adobe Reader, you must download the most recent version.



If your project requires Human or Animal Subject Use, please reach out to the appropriate committee to submit the required documentation.


  1. The Letter of Intent is only required when the funding agency requires one and/or another institution requires this information. The letter of intent may also be required by a funding agency to initiate intent of new proposal.
  2. The Invention Disclosure Form - is for faculty or staff who have marketable inventions developed using University of Hartford resources. This form is required to begin the process of technology transfer.