Career Ready

94% of the ENHP class of 2017 were employed or working toward an advanced degree within six months of graduation.

Surveys of our graduates show that ENHP students are well-prepared for their careers.  Here are outcomes for the class of 2017:
  • 93.92% of ENHP’s class of 2017 were employed or enrolled in a program of continuing education:            
    • Employed full time: 72.30%
    • Employed part time: 7.43%
    • Enrolled in a program of continuing education: 14.19%
    • Not seeking employment: 2.70%
    • Participating in a volunteer or service program: 0%
    • Planning to continue education but not yet enrolled: 0.68%
    • Serving in the U.S. military: 0%
    • Seeking employment: 2.70%
  • Healthcare organizations were the major employers of 2017 graduates, accounting for 69.35%.  Educational institutions employed 24.19% and businesses employed 3.23%.
  • Of those employed, 95% stated that they were employed in a field directly related to their college major or program.
  • 74% said they were currently using all of their skills to the fullest potential in their current position.
  • 75% participated in at least one supervised off-campus learning experience (internship, clinical placement, student teaching).  Of those, 33% reported they were subsequently offered a full-time job by their internship employer.
  • 70% of ENHP’s class of 2017 reside in Connecticut, 9% in New York, and 7% in Massachusetts.