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The Hartt School


Hartt's oboe program offers a competitive, collegial environment for students to challenge one another to excel, fosters artistic growth, and instill the necessary skills to achieve success in the musical world.  

About the Major

The overall size of the woodwind department and instrumental studios provides each student significant individual attention and performance opportunities. Whether you aspire to work as a professional performer, music educator, producer, manager, acoustic engineer, or other, we have a place for you in Hartt's woodwind department. 

Admission and Audition Requirements

The Hartt School will not be hosting live auditions for 2021 applicants due to safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic. All applicants will be required to submit a recorded audition.

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  • Two contrasting works or movements
  • One étude (technical study) or standard orchestral excerpt

Please note: We have students who come to Hartt from across the United States and around the world. That is one of the things that makes a Hartt education so special. Some students are accepted and arrive having had extensive private study on their instruments. Others have had less experience (and perhaps less conventional training), but their natural abilities and great love of music allow them to make remarkable strides in a short period of time because of the expertise of our faculty.

Our requirements are sometimes quite specific to give applicants a sense of where they should be to enter a high-level conservatory environment. However, we encourage applicants to reach out to our faculty members to discuss audition repertoire. It may be that what you have prepared will suffice. Our primary goal is to identify potential, and if we feel that the potential is there, it is then our responsibility to provide each and every student with the tools to be successful.

If you would like to be in touch with a member of the faculty to discuss your audition repertoire, please write to


  • A major concerto or sonata from the standard repertoire.
  • Two contrasting études showing the applicant's level of technical and lyrical abilities.
  • Five excerpts from the orchestral repertoire.

Our Faculty

Kemp Jernigan

Senior Artist Teacher - Woodwinds

Kemp Jernigan performs extensively in and around New York City in ensembles varying in size and style. Kemp has been a guest artist at festivals and is a frequent guest performer with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Mark Morris Dance Group Ensemble, as well as a founding member of the ensemble SoundMind.

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