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Students Take Physical Therapy Skills Across the Globe

four students in Saipan on the beach

Four students pursuing their doctorate of physical therapy, along with Assistant Professor TJ Bellama, traveled across the globe to Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands to help fill the gap in physical therapy care by treating patients of all ages while living in their community for a month. Residents of the under-resourced region often have unique needs compared to those in the United States, and lack access to many types of medical treatment.

Yuriy Mishtal

Yuriy Mishtal ’23, a finance major and actuarial science minor, studied abroad in Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Netherlands. As he described, “Studying abroad is a very mind-opening experience. You truly realize and appreciate the differences around the world. You get to meet people who are from a different background, and often the perceptions you had about a country before traveling are completely different by the end of it.” Would he encourage other students to study abroad? Yes. He explained, “Do it, because time is a finite resource and there is nothing better than to appreciate the world we live in. As nervous as I was to study abroad in a new country, it is now one of the best decisions I ever made and one I will forever remember.”

While going abroad I got to see and learn about so many beautiful monuments. Paris, France overall was nothing short of spectacular and seeing the amazing architecture is something I’ll remember forever!

Amanda Simmons, Global Hawks 2023

UHart Students Build Prosthetics for Kids in Kenya

Graduate students with prosthetic legs in Kenya

Thanks to Abigal Riley ’21 M’23 and Alexia Woodruff ’21 M’23, a group of children in Kenya just received the greatest gift: the ability to simply be a kid who can play with their friends and feel like they belong. The University of Hartford Prosthetics and Orthotics graduate students returned from a service trip to the country where they worked with youngsters who’ve experienced limb loss.

Danni Keating

Danni Keating ’23 was born and raised in Hunan, China, and moved to the United States at the age of nine. “The more time I spend in Europe, the more accustomed and open-minded I become to the cultural differences in communication,” Danni said. “I would definitely encourage students to study abroad. The best time to do it is in college.” During her academic journey, Danni visited eight counties through study abroad.

Although I was very hesitant and nervous to study abroad for a whole semester, it has been the most wonderful experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Timothy Wang ’24, Florence, Italy

Tamar Mor

Judaic Studies and Psychology, '20

Tamar says the Judaic Studies program has taught her to think critically about history and the development of a people over thousands of years and has sharpened her oral and written communication abilities and analysis skills. She says the faculty is supportive and adaptive to student needs and there is always someone there to answer her questions and guide her through her studies.

Being a Judaic Studies student has allowed me to study abroad for a semester at Tel Aviv University in Israel. This experience enhanced my learning and truly brought the major to life. I was able to see the things I read about and discussed in class from a different lens, which has been a critical component to my education.

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