Full Semester Programs

More than 200 programs to choose from. 

Are you looking to study abroad for an entire semester or two? The University of Hartford's Study Abroad programs offer you opportunities to travel and learn all over the World. With more than 200 programs to choose from in over 50 countries, there is a world waiting for you to explore.  

Below is the list of programs currently available.  The University of Hartford follows guidance set forth by the U.S. State Department and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).  If a study abroad location is later determined unsafe by either governing body in the future, students cannot participate on programs in that country

Your Full-Semester Options

Interested in exploring a new part of the world? Why not check out Africa and learn more about the various cultures there. Students can choose from programs in Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Uganda.

Botswana is a beautiful country located in southern Africa. Students would study at the University of Botswana in Gaborone, which is about nine miles away from the border the country shares with South Africa. In addition to new classes, students also have the opportunity to participate in local and regional excursions (such as the National Museum, Orapa Diamond Mine, the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, the Mokolodi Game Reserve, Bahurutshe Cultural Village, etc.), and you can volunteer, do research, or find an internship.

CIEE (Gaborone)

Students on this program have the opportunity to study development and what better place than in Cameroon, a quickly changing and ethnically diverse country.  You’ll have the chance to learn and experience all that Cameron has to offer as the country is a microcosm of Africa’s major climates and geographic zones.

SIT (Yaoundé)

Choose Ghana and spend the semester in Western Africa! You can choose from Legon or the Ghanaian capital city of Accra, and – fun fact! – you would be 3 degrees north of the equator in a region that includes wildlife parks, pristine beaches, and rainforests.  Popular excursions have included visits to slave castles, learning about the local Ashanti people, visiting cocoa farms, botanical gardens, and monkey sanctuaries. Students can also participate in an internship, or community service.

CIEE (Legon)

SIT (Accra)

SIT’s program in Kenya focuses on Urbanization, Health, and Human Rights. Students learn the local language (Kiswahili), complete a research project, and the class topics cover contemporary societal challenges such as health and access to healthcare, rapid urbanization, and human rights. Previous students on this program have also visited Rwanda to explore progress in healthcare reform and medicine and spent time in Uganda at Lake Victoria.

SIT (Kisumu)

Studying abroad in Madagascar is the perfect opportunity for students to study biodiversity and explore the various mangroves, rainforests, coral reefs, and other environmental challenges found in the country.

SIT (Antalaha)

Students interested in Morocco can choose from three different programs. CIEE’s program is based in Rabat, and focuses on the country’s culture and language (you can choose to study either Arabic or French).  Fun fact—the city of Rabat was founded in 1146! SIT offers two programs in Morocco, both also based in Rabat. With SIT, you can either focus on Multiculturalism and Human Rights or Journalism and New Media; both programs allow students to learn the Arabic language, take classes in the subject, and complete a research or field studies project.  Students on the journalism program have the opportunity to learn how to gather news in other cultures, find sources and conduct interviews, collaborate with Moroccan journalism students, and produce an original, full-length feature (previous pieces have even been featured in professional media outlets!)

CIEE (Rabat)

IES Abroad (Rabat)

SIT (Rabat)

Students participating on SIT’s programs in Rwanda have a unique opportunity to study peacebuilding in a region devastated by a genocide during the 90s.  These programs are perfect for those interested in working in careers focused on peace and conflict, justice and development, and human rights activism.

SIT (Kigali)

South Africa
Want to study abroad in South Africa?  You have 5 providers to choose from! AIFS offers students the chance to study abroad in Stellenbosch, 40 minutes from Cape Town; students will study at Stellenbosch University, and will also have the option to do volunteer work while abroad.  CIEE students will be based in Cape Town, home of Table Mountain and one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Students can either study at University of Cape Town or CIEE’s study center, and previous excursions have included visits to Robben Island, Cape Flats, watching a rugby or cricket game, and visiting rural cooperatives outside the city.  CIS Abroad allows students to choose from Stellenbosch University or the University of Cape Town - the choice is yours!  SIT’s South Africa programs focus on Community Health and Social Policy and is based in Durban. Students have the opportunity to learn the language (isiZulu), stand at Africa’s most southwesterly tip (Cape Point), and see wildlife in Kruger National Park.  

AIFS (Stellenbosch)

CIEE (Cape Town)

IES Abroad (Cape Town)

SIT (Cape Town, Durban)

SIT offers students the opportunity to study a variety of subject related to the environment, wildlife conservation, natural resource management, coastal ecology in three different locations around Tanzania.  SIT alumni who participated on this program have gone on to work in public health, national park services, with environmental NGOs, and the Office of the General Counsel in Washington, D.C., among others.

SIT (Arusha, Stone Town, Zanzibar)

SIT’s Tunisia program takes place in both Tunisia and in Italy for a multi-continent study abroad experience!  This program allows students to study politics and religious integration in the Mediterranean region with the chance to pick up not one, but two languages (Arabic or French, and Italian).  Previous SIT alumni from this program have gone on to work in the Scottish Parliament, produce journalism pieces for ABC’s Eyewitness News, and volunteered with the Peace Corps

SIT (Sidi Bou Said)

Study abroad in Uganda, and you’ll have the chance to explore contemporary globalization development topics focusing on the environment, gender, health, and civil society throughout the country.  Past SIT alumni from this program have gone on to intern in the Clinton Foundation, earn a graduate degree in public policy, act as a development consultant for the World Food Program in Malawi, and they’ve held various positions within governmental and international nongovernmental organizations.

SIT (Kampala)

Ever thought about spending the semester in Asia?  Now you can! Spend a semester or two exploring this continent and learning more about countries such as Bhutan, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Students on API’s program in Bhutan will study at the Royal Thimpu College, the country’s first private college, in the city of Thimpu, Bhutan’s capital city.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to really experience the Bhutanese culture as it is relatively free of western influences. Previous excursions have included trips to Thailand, as well as other field trips to monasteries, various districts around the country, museums, markets and bazaars, and the Takin Zoo.  In addition to classes, students can elect to do an internship as well.

API (Thimpu) 

You’ve have many options if you want to visit China. You can choose from API’s partnership with East China Normal University, CIEE's open campus program in Shanghai, and TEAN’s program with Fudan University. Excursions will depend on the program you choose, but some options are trips to Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuzhen, the Great Wall, Chengdu, Nanjing, local museums, food tours, and acrobatics shows.  Fun fact – did you know Shanghai means “Upon-the-Sea.”

API (Shanghai)

CIEE (Beijing, Shanghai)

IES Abroad (Shanghai)

TEAN (Shanghai)

Interested in India? You’ve got options! SIT offers two academic and research programs: Public Health, Gender, and Community Action, and Sustainable Development and Social Change –based in New Delhi and Jaipur respectively, and both offering students the chance to learn the Hindi language.  

SIT (Jaipur, New Delhi)

Students interested in studying abroad in Indonesia have the opportunity to explore the country’s agriculture, arts, and the six official religions that shape the region’s sociocultural discourses.  Past SIT alumni from this program have gone on to teach English in Indonesia, do research in Germany, work as a producer for National Geographic Channel, and founded Bali Recycling in Bali, Indonesia.

SIT (Bali & Kerambitan)

Want to learn Japanese? Consider participating in EF Language Program’s Japanese immersion language program. Our exchange partner Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka is an excellent choice for students interested in focusing on Asian Studies.  If you want to be in Tokyo or Kyoto, IES Abroad offers a language and culture program through Kanda University of International Studies, and CIEE allows students to take arts and sciences classes at Sophia University plus students have three universities to choose from through CIS Abroad.  Did you know Japan has 142,000 square miles of total land space? With 13.6 million people it’s also one of the most densely populated place on earth.

CIEE (Kyoto, Tokyo)

CIS Abroad (Kyoto, Tokyo)

EF (Tokyo)

IES Abroad (Nagoya, Tokyo)

Kansai Gaidai Exchange (Osaka)

This program allows you to study abroad not just in Malaysia but in China, Indonesia, and Singapore as well.  This country pairing is perfect for those interested in studying international relations and new economies, and gives you the chance to look at banking, finance, and ethics in a global and multi-cultural context.

SIT (Kuala Lumpur)

This program offered through SIT allows students to study nomadism, geopolitics, and the environment in both Mongolia and Siberia.  Students will explore the balance between natural resource development and environmental conservation throughout their semester in Mongolia.

SIT (Ulaanbaatar)

SIT Study Abroad runs multiple programs in Kathmandu, offering students the chance to study the Nepali language. Students can study: borders, identity, and community resilience; development, gender, and social change in the Himalaya; and Tibetan and Himalayan peoples. Fun Fact—three University of Hartford students have studied abroad in Nepal since spring 2016!

SIT (Kathmandu) 

Students have the option to take liberal arts courses at CIEE's open campus and business students can study at TEAN's partner school Singapore Management University, which is AACSB-accredited and one of Asia’s top business schools.  Did you know the university’s accounting, finance, business, and management programs are ranked 50th across the globe?  Possible excursions include a tour of Chinatown, a trip to Pulau Island, a cable car journey to Sentosa, tours of the historic Singapore River, botanical gardens, Sultan Mosque, and the Disappearing Trades Tour.

CIEE (Singapore)

TEAN (Singapore)

South Korea
Students have multiple options for studying in South Korea.  If your primary interest in learning the language, consider EF Language Programs’ intensive Korean language program.  You also have the option to study at local universities – Korea University with TEAN, Yonsei University with CIEE, and Sogang University with CIS Abroad. The options allow you to take classes with local students, and include field trips such as visiting temples and museums, local villages, national parks, historic sites, the demilitarized zone, attending a K-Pop concert, and the opportunity to enjoy a taste of family life with a short homestay over one or two nights. Did you know Seoul has 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites?

CIEE (Seoul)

CIS Abroad (Seoul)

EF (Seoul)

TEAN (Seoul)

Spend the semester in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand’s cultural capital!  Courses here focus on Southeast Asia- and Thailand-related subjects such as art, history, international relations, political science, and Buddhism.  Students take classes at the local university, and will learn Thai through the language classes and partnerships with local student buddies. Some of the previous cultural activities have included a Thai cooking class, watching a local football game, and a trip to the southern islands.  

CIS Abroad (Bangkok)

TEAN (Bangkok)

Students interested in studying in Southeast Asia will love the options available in the beautiful city of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.  SIT's program allows students to study culture, social change, and development.  Students studying abroad through CIS Abroad or TEAN will have the chance to take classes from a variety of subjects.  

SIT (Ho Chi Minh City)

TEAN (Ho Chi Minh City)

Want to spend time overseas with beautiful landscapes and beaches, and study at internationally ranked universities?  Then Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Samoa are perfect for you. Previous students loved studying abroad at Australian universities while living next to the beach, and students who return from New Zealand always wish they stayed longer!  You’d be hard-pressed to find a bad picture of either of these beautiful and friendly countries.

Interested in studying abroad in Australia? Your first step is to figure out which location you want to be based in.  We offer programs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, Townsville (all on the eastern coast) and Perth on the west coast, all of which are wonderful cities both big and small. TEAN Students have the opportunity to spend their orientation at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, and TEAN also offers students the opportunity for travel to other parts of the country or even internationally (such as Thailand or New Zealand) depending on the program you choose.  Interested in a homestay option? CAPA’s Sydney-based program is the only Australia option so far to offer one!

CAPA (Sydney)

SIT (Byron Bay, Cairns)

TEAN (Brisbane)

TEAN (Gold Coast)

TEAN (Melbourne)

TEAN (Newcastle)

TEAN (Perth)

TEAN (Sydney)

TEAN (Townsville)

TEAN (Wollongong)

Explore one of the most beautiful locations as you study abroad in tropical Fiji.  From the orientation throughout your semester abroad and classes at the University of the South Pacific, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the local culture, and connect with the local population.

TEAN (Suva)

New Zealand
Similar to Australia, students visiting New Zealand must also decide where they want to be–North Island or South Island, city life or nature, etc.  On the North Island, students can study in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington or in the country’s largest city, Auckland (home to about 1.5 million people). On the South Island, students can live and study in the beautiful city of Christchurch or in Dunedin, home to New Zealand’s oldest university, University of Otago. To start off the program, students will likely spend their orientation in Queenstown, widely known as the adventure capital of the world. Did you know it’s been said there are more sheep than people on the South Island?

TEAN (Auckland)

TEAN (Christchurch)

TEAN (Dunedin)

TEAN (Palmerston North)

TEAN (Wellington)

Samoa is the perfect country to study social and environmental change in the Oceania region.  The country was the first Pacific island to achieve independence, and while in Samoa, students have the chance to explore the country’s social justice issues and efforts to protect the environment, and to learn more about the local culture. 

SIT (Apia)

Looking to see as many countries abroad as you can fit into one (or two!) semesters? Europe could be the way to go! Students can choose to spend the semester in any of the 20+ countries we currently offer.  You can choose a “traditional” country like England, Italy, Ireland, or Spain, or go off the beaten track with a “non-traditional” European country like Croatia, Hungary, Iceland, or Serbia.  

Interested in Austria? You can choose to spend the semester in either Salzburg (birthplace of Mozart) or Vienna (home to Haydn, Beethoven, Mahler, among others).  In addition to Mozart’s birthplace, students in Salzburg at the University of Salzburg can visit the Festung Hohensalzburg (Central Europe’s largest intact fortress), the Princely Residence, Europe’s oldest restaurant (St. Peter’s Abbey), and follow in the footsteps of the Trapp family made famous by the Sound of Music film. Vienna, Austria is perfect for those interested in music – IES’s program in Vienna is one of the most popular destinations for Hartt students as some of the course offerings and program features include music history, music theory and composition, performance studies, private lessons, local instrument rental and storage, and the Music Performance Workshop.  

AIFS (Salzburg)

IES Abroad (Vienna)

Croatia lays along the Adriatic Sea and is an up-and-coming tourist destination.  Students get to live and study in the city of Dubrovnik (referred to as “the pearl of the Adriatic’ by Lord Byron), and one of the top 10 best medieval walled cities throughout the world.  Not only are you living in a medieval city, but you’re close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and numerous natural wonders. Possible excursions include visits to Bosnia, Italy, Montenegro, the Plitvice Lakes National Park (the oldest national park in Southeastern Europe!), Split – Croatia’s second largest city, the Elafiti Islands northwest of Dubrovnik, and Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city.

API (Dubrovnik)

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a fantastic location for students interested in cinema, architecture, economics, or general studies.  Students on SIT's program will focus on arts and social change. Students on CIEE’s film program study at the Prague Film and Television School of the Academy of the Performing Arts (FAMU), and will produce either a feature-length screenplay or a short 16mm film including pre-production, production, and post-production throughout their semester in Prague. Architecture students will study at the Architectural Institute of Prague – the first international school of its kind – and will participate in a project that will look at improving city living.  Our other programs offer students the chance to take classes at the University of Economics and Charles University.  Fun fact – did you know the Prague Castle area is so large, it would take 7 football fields to cover it completely?

AIFS (Prague)

API (Prague)

CIEE (Prague)

SIT (Prague) 

CIEE's program in Denmark is one of the many locations that make up the Global Institute network.  Students can take a variety of classes through their open campus center.  The second Denmark program is through DIS.  DIS offers students 25 academic programs and over 250 different elective courses.  Students will select an academic focus course that includes two study tours, usually one around Denmark or Sweden, and the second one internationally depending on the course subject.  Additionally, many of the elective classes will also include an excursion outside of the classroom. DIS also offers one of the broadest ranges of housing options to its students – you can choose from a homestay option (one of the most popular options), a living and learning community, a residential community, a Kollegium (student housing with other international and local students), and other options.

CIEE (Copenhagen)

DIS: Study in Scandinavia (Copenhagen)

Where to begin?! Students interested in England have many different options to choose from.  Most of our options are based in London—students can study at University of Westminster, a traditional city campus that gives students the real “Londoner” experience, or at Richmond University.  Want to study abroad AND do an internship?  Consider CAPA's London based study and internship combo program.  University of the Arts is perfect for those students interested in the arts (did you know UAL is made up of 6 colleges each focusing on a different discipline?). Students interested in studying at centers instead of larger universities, they can through CIEE or CAPA.  If you’re looking for an academic challenge, you can study at University College London through CIEE or at Oxford’s St. Catherine’s College through IES – both institutions are ranked in the top ten universities in the world. Students can also study at Regent’s University and live on campus – the only partner university in London to offer this option!  If you’re looking for England, but outside of London, University of Leeds in northern England, the University of Roehampton, or the University of Bristol could be the perfect options for you.

AIFS (London)

API (Leeds, London)

CAPA (London)

CIEE (London)

IES Abroad (London, Oxford)

Regents University (London)

As with England, students have quite a few options available if they’re interested in studying abroad in France.  If your main goal is to develop your French language skills, then you will want to consider API’s Sorbonne language and culture program, AIFS’s language program in Cannes, or EF Language’s programs either in Paris or Nice. Art students may want to choose the Parsons program in Paris through API. If you’re more interested in general studies, you’ll find those programs as well! Fun fact – did you know there are 38,000 works of art in the Louvre Museum?

AIFS (Cannes, Grenoble, Paris)

API (Grenoble, Paris)

CIEE (Paris, Rennes, Toulouse)

EF (Nice, Paris)

IES Abroad (Nantes, Nice, Paris)

Germany offers students a variety of different options, both in location and subject matter. CIEE offers programs specifically for business students (with the option to do an internship as well as classes), and for architecture and design students. There are also general study programs in Berlin through AIFS and CIEE.  Interested in learning or perfecting your German?  EF’s language program in either Berlin or Munich would be a great option. We also offer programs through the Baden-Wurttemberg Exchange program managed by UConn – students can choose from one of nine schools in the region based off their academic interests and language ability.  This exchange program is perfect for those students on tuition abatement or tuition exchange benefits. Did you know 44% of Berlin is made up of recreational areas, parks, rivers, and woods?

AIFS (Berlin)

Baden Württemberg Exchange (Baden Württemberg region of Germany)

CIEE (Berlin)

EF (Berlin, Munich)

IES Abroad (Berlin, Freiburg)

Students can choose to study abroad in either Athens (the capital city) or up north in the city of Thessaloniki.  In Athens, students can find general classes at the American College of Greece (AIFS). In the northern part of the country, students will study at the American College of Thessaloniki; possible course subjects include business, international relations, history, politics, and computer science.  Regardless of where you choose to study, Greece is an excellent starting point for the rest of your European travels!

ACT (Thessaloniki)

AIFS (Athens)

This is another non-traditional location perfect for someone interested in studying in Europe, but not in the touristy countries. Classes at the Corvinus University of Budapest focus on humanities and international business; one of highlights of the program is learning Hungarian through the language class and tandem partner program which connects you with a local student who wants to show you all the wonderful things about the university and city.  Students on this program can participate in excursions such as a visit to the Danube Bend at Esztergom and Visegrád (both cities were at one point the capitals of the country), the Busó Carnival in Mohács, the Roman, Ottoman, and Habsburg monuments in Pécs, the 12th century baroque town of Szentendre, and international excursions to places like Transylvania in Romania; Krakow, Poland; and Prague, Czech Republic.

AIFS (Budapest)

API (Budapest)

There are two options for students interested in studying abroad in Iceland.  Students can study at Reykjavik University and take a combination of general education courses and other major-specific classes. SIT offers students the chance to focus on climate change in the Arctic.  Either way, you’ll have the opportunity to study abroad in a beautiful and up-and-coming destination that is on everyone’s bucket list.  As the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik is the world’s most northern capital, and is socially progressive, and very technologically advanced.

API (Reykjavik)

SIT (Ísafjörður)

As with some of the other countries, there are quite a few locations to choose from so the first step would be to narrow down which part of the country you want to be in.  The capital city of Dublin has the most options for students to choose from: Trinity College, University College Dublin (UCD), Dublin City University (DCU), and Maynooth University.  Of those four, Trinity is most centrally located as it sits right in the heart of the downtown area; both UCD and DCU are located a little outside of downtown Dublin but still within the city itself; Maynooth is about 30 minutes outside of Dublin by train but has a traditional “Irish” feel to it. Outside of Dublin, students can choose to study in Galway or Limerick – if you’re interested in a traditional Irish city feel, these two would be perfect for you!  If you're interested in an internship, CAPA's Dublin program offers a study and internship combination.  Interested in giving back to the community?    

AIFS (Limerick, Maynooth)

API (Dublin, Galway, Limerick)

CAPA (Dublin)

CIEE (Dublin)

CIS Abroad (Limerick)

IES Abroad (Dublin)

Like England and France, students interested in Italy have a lot of programs to choose from.  If you really want to improve your Italian language skills, EF’s language program would be the best option. If you’re interested in art, the University of Georgia’s Cortona, Italy program offers options for arts majors (in the past, professors from the Art school have taught there as well—making it easier for those in trickier arts majors like Illustration to spend the full semester overseas), and the CIS Abroad Florence University of the Arts program is perfect for art students as well. If you’re interested in architecture, ISI offers an architecture-specific program for students in Florence. Hartt students might find courses at IES Abroad's Milan program.  You can find general studies courses at other institutions in Florence, Milan, Rome, Siena, and Tuscania through AIFS, API, CIEE, and CIS Abroad.  Interested in an internship?  Consider CAPA's study and internship combination program in Florence.  

AIFS (Florence, Rome)

API (Florence, Rome, Syracuse, Tuscania)

CAPA (Florence)

CIEE (Rome)

CIS Abroad (Florence, Rome, Sorrento)

EF (Rome)

IES Abroad (Milan, Rome, Siena)

ISI Florence (Florence)

University of Georgia (Cortona)

As with other programs, there are certain options for specific academic interests and general studies programs.  CIEE’s program with the University of Amsterdam offers more general classes for students interested in different subjects or electives. SIT's program gives students the opportunity to study international perspectives in sexuality and gender.  

CIEE (Amsterdam)

IES Abroad (Amsterdam)

SIT (Amsterdam)

Interested in studying abroad in Poland?  Students are based in Krakow and will study at Jagiellonian University, which was founded in 1364 by King Kazimierz the Great; it is the oldest university in Poland, and one of the oldest universities in Central Europe.  Examples of previous excursions include a visit to the 1,000-year-old Wieliczka salt mines, the Auschwitz State Museum, opera and ballet performances, classical music concerts, a visit to the Beskidy Mountains (one of Poland’s last authentic folk areas), the village of Zakopane in the Carpathian Mountains, and an international excursion to Hungary, Germany, or Slovakia.

API (Krakow)

Students interested in Portugal would spend the semester in Lisbon, the capital city.  The city is full of old-world traditions as well as being a hub of cutting edge design and fashion.  The “flavor” of Lisbon comes from its former colonies in Africa, Brazil, China, India, the Indonesian Spice Islands, and the Persian Gulf.  The city is a healthy mix; you can find both mega malls and small shops, wide-open vistas and cobble-stoned streets. Fun fact—there are 25 statues of Boris the Great in the city; see if you can find them all! SIT's program focuses on sustainability and environmental justice. You'll find general education classes at either of the programs offered through API and CIEE.   

API (Lisbon)

CIEE (Lisbon)

SIT (Lisbon)

Studying abroad in Russia is a unique experience, as you’ll be studying in a country that straddles two continents.  Take a mix of general education classes in St. Petersburg, a 300-year old city with a vast history. The choice is yours.

AIFS (St. Petersburg)

Those interested in Scotland can choose from three different cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling.  Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, and students can take classes at the University of Edinburgh, which is right in the heart of the city, or  University of Heriot-Watt or Edinburgh Napier University, both of which are a little outside the city center.  Edinburgh itself is a charming medieval town complete with winding cobblestone roads, a castle, and a palace. Situated about halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh is the city of Stirling. Stirling is a smaller version of Edinburgh with a castle but no palace—instead you’ve got the National Wallace Monument dedicated to William Wallace, and there’s even a golf course on the University of Stirling campus.  Students interested in art programs in Scotland would benefit from the Glasgow School of Art program based in Glasgow (despite not being the country’s capital city, Glasgow does have the largest population). Fun fact—it’s been said that 60% of the country’s population lives within the triangle of Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling.

API (Edinburgh, Stirling)

CIS Abroad (Edinburgh, Stirling)

Students on this program have an opportunity to study post-conflict transformation, peace-building efforts, and the impact of political transition and international intervention throughout the Balkans.  You are based in Serbia, but will also have the chance to travel to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo to explore the topics from multiple viewpoints.

SIT (Belgrade)

Students interested in Spain have quite a few options to choose from: Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca, Seville, and Valencia.  Students will find many general courses throughout the majority of programs listed below.  Students interested in focusing on policy, law, and regional autonomy in Europe will really enjoy SIT's program, while the programs through Spanish Studies Abroad or EF would be best for those hoping to improve their Spanish language skills.  For those hoping to do an internship and take classes, CAPA's program could be a great fit.  

AIFS (Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Seville, Valencia)

API (Barcelona, Bilbao, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Seville)

CAPA (Barcelona)

CIEE (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville)

CIS Abroad (Barcelona, Madrid)

EF (Barcelona, Malaga)

IES Abroad (Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca)

Spanish Studies Abroad (Alicante, Barcelona, Seville)

SIT (Bilbao)

If you’re interested in engineering, the exchange program with Jonkoping University is perfect for you as they offer a variety of engineering classes in English, as well as a unique Swedish experience. The second program is based in Stockholm and is managed by DIS; like their Copenhagen program, students in Stockholm will choose an academic focus for the main class and then select electives for the remainder of the classes. Their program includes study tours for the main class and possible additional excursions within the electives. Did you know you can take a train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, Denmark?

DIS: Study in Scandinavia (Stockholm)

Jönköping University Exchange (Jönköping)

Switzerland is perfectly situated in the heart of Europe and offers students beautiful views of the Swiss Alps. SIT offers students the chance to focus on one of three different topics: international studies and multilateral diplomacy; global health and development policy; or banking, finance, and social responsibility.  

SIT (Geneva, Nyon)

Want to develop your Spanish language skills and get an in-depth look at Latin American cultures? You cannot go wrong if you choose to spend time in any of these locations: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Puerto Rico. Many industries and employers are looking for students with foreign language skills, and this could be your ticket to nailing that perfect job.

Want to study abroad in Argentina? You can choose from programs in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, and Ushuaia. SIT's programs allow students to study people, the environment, and climate change in Patagonia and Antarctica; public health in urban environments; social movements and human rights; and transnationalism and comparative development in South America. Students on programs the other providers have the option to take region-specifc courses, liberal arts courses, and can focus on the Spanish language.

AIFS (Buenos Aires)

API (Buenos Aires, Mendoza)

CIEE (Buenos Aires)

IES Abroad (Buenos Aires)

SIT (Buenos Aires, Ushuaia)

Spanish Studies Abroad (Cordoba)

Students interested in studying abroad in Chile can choose from four cities: Arica, Santiago, Valparaíso, and Viña del Mar.  Students can take liberal arts courses, region-specific courses or Spanish classes on the majority of programs listed below.  Students interested in focusing on public health, traditional medicine, and community empowerment; comparative education, and social change; or cultural identity, social justice, and community development would find any of SIT's programs valuable.  

AIFS (Viña del Mar)

API (Santiago, Valparaiso, Viña del Mar)

CIEE (Santiago)

IES Abroad (Santiago)

SIT (Arica, Santiago, Valparaiso)

Costa Rica
Students interested in Costa Rica have multiple options to choose from.  If you are interested in learning the Spanish language, why not look at EF's language program in Playa Tamarindo?  Interested in taking non-language classes?  You can choose from a variety of programs offered through our providers.  In addition to Playa Tamarindo, students can choose from programs in Monteverde, San Joaquin de Flores, and San Jose.

AIFS (San Jose)

API (San Joaquin de Flores, San Jose)

CIEE (Monteverde)

CIS Abroad (San Jose)

EF (Playa Tamarindo)

If you want to study abroad in Cuba, you would study at the University of Havana either through Spanish Studies Abroad (which focuses primarily on language acquisition) or through API (they have programs in Havana and in Santa Clara).  The University of Havana is the oldest university in Cuba (founded in 1728) and one of the first universities founded within the Americas. Fun fact – during the middle of the 18th century Havana was the third largest city in the Americas, larger than both Boston and New York City!

API (Havana, Santa Clara)

Spanish Studies Abroad (Havana)

Dominican Republic
Did you know the Dominican Republic is the birthplace of the Merengue?  What a perfect opportunity to learn some new moves and learn about Hispaniola and the greater Hispanic Caribbean while you study abroad in the Dominican Republic.

CIEE (Santiago de los Caballeros)

Students interested in Ecuador would be in the capital city of Quito.  The programs through SIT allow students to focus on development, politics, and languages; and comparative ecology and conservation.  Possible excursions could be visits to the Amazon Rainforest, the Mitad del Mundo (the equator – you can even stand in both hemispheres at once!), Otavalo (a town in the northern part of the country known for its handicrafts markets), the lagoon Quilotoa, Cayambe (glaciated extinct volcano), Mindo (home to waterfalls, a chocolate factory, butterfly garden, and numerous bird species), and Puerto Lopez which is a traditional fishing town famous for humpback whales.

IES Abroad (Galapagos Islands, Quito)

SIT (Quito)

Students interested in spending a semester in Mexico can choose one of two locations - Oaxaca and Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula.  Each region offers students something unique and exciting for students.  CIEE’s program offers general education and STEM courses, while SIT allows students to study migration, borders, and transnational communities.

CIEE (Merida)

SIT (Oaxaca)

SIT’s program in Panama is perfect for students interested in tropical ecology, marine ecosystems, and biodiversity conservation.  SIT alumni who participated on this program have gone on to teach conservation biology at a university in New York, participating scientist at NASA, a medical doctor, a director of a sustainable energy program in Maine, among others.

SIT (Panama City)

Dying to see Machu Picchu? You may get the chance if you spend the semester abroad in Cusco, Peru!  Students on SIT's program will study indigenous peoples and globalization.  

SIT (Cusco)

Puerto Rico
While technically not outside the U.S., studying in Puerto Rico gives you a unique experience by studying in the beautiful city of San Juan. You can also discover new places within Old San Juan, visit El Yunque (the only subtropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service), explore the many beaches of Puerto Rico, and learn (or improve!) your Salsa skills. Did you know Puerto Rico has a bioluminescent bay in Fajardo? Previous Spanish Studies Abroad students have been lucky enough to visit there!

Spanish Studies Abroad (San Juan)

Students interested in a unique experience overseas would certainly find that in Israel, Jordan, or the United Arab Emirates. Previous students have enjoyed learning about the different cultures in these countries and seeing the connections between what they’re learning here and what they’re learning overseas. These locations could be great for students interested in history, politics and business, among others.

Students interested in Israel have the option of choosing among two universities: Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  With TAU, students get to live in Israel’s technology hub and financial center, which is also the country’s second largest city. Unique programs here include Voyage to Medicine, STEM Semester Program, and Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Business (which could also include an internship).  Students at Hebrew U will study in the country’s largest city, Jerusalem, and can take classes in a variety of subjects such as religious studies. Social and political sciences, STEM, business, etc.

Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv)

Hebrew University (Jerusalem)

Interested in spending the semester in Jordan?  You’ve got programs to choose from! CIEE offers two different programs: Middle East Studies or Advanced Arabic Language. With the Middle East Studies program, students will learn about the region’s history, and the country’s role in politics around the region, as well as developing their Arabic language skills. As it sounds, the Advanced Arabic Language program gives students the opportunity to really focus on language acquisition within the city. SIT offers students the change to study refugees, health, and humanitarian action; and geopolitics, international relations, and the future of the Middle East.

CIEE (Amman)

SIT (Amman)

United Arab Emirates
Students interested in studying in the UAE can take general classes at the American University of Sharjah in the city of Sharjah, which is adjacent to Dubai and is known as the cultural capital of the UAE.  One of the benefits of the Sharjah program is you get to take classes with both international and Emirati students in a country with one of the strongest economies not only in the region but in the world as well.  Possible excursions are trips to Abu Dhabi (UAE’s capital city), Al Ain (known as the “Garden City), Dubai, and maybe even an international excursion to Oman or a similar country.

API (Sharjah)

Students interested in staying within the U.S. but traveling to a different location can spend the semester in Washington, D.C., Hawaii, or Puerto Rico

U.S. Study Away Programs:
There are currently three options available for students interested in studying within the U.S. and surrounding territories.

American University's Washington Semester Program (Washington, D.C.)

Spanish Studies Abroad (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Multi-Country Programs:
Want to study abroad, but not sure where to go? Why not choose a multi-country option where you’ll get to study abroad in more than one location on your program!  

CIEE Global Institute:
Now you can choose up to three different locations to study abroad in as part of your semester overseas! CIEE has created study centers in Argentina, Australia, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, and Spain. 
Each session is 6 weeks, so you could spend 12 or 18 weeks in London, or 6 weeks in Berlin and 12 weeks in France, or 6 weeks each in Madrid, Rome, and Cape Town—it’s up to you!

CIEE Global Institutes

IES Abroad European Union:
Interested in European politics? This program is perfect for you!  You would be based in Freiburg, Germany, and throughout the semester you would be traveling to other countries as part of your program.  These field trips allow you to learn more about the European Union and how individual countries run. The first trip usually focuses on Berlin and Prague, with the second excursion visiting Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris, and Strasbourg.  The third field trip is usually a choice among different sets of countries, for example choosing between England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and either Latvia or Estonia; OR Portugal, Spain, and Italy; OR Greece, Romania, and Hungary.

IES Abroad European Union

Semester at Sea:
Ever wanted to sail around the world?  Now you can! With Semester at Sea, you’ll be based on a remodeled cruise ship, complete with classrooms, library, and living quarters.  You’ll take classes on the ship as you make your way to different ports around the world – usually stopping in countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe (previous stops have included Japan, China, India, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco, Germany, and Hawaii).  While in country, you will either participate in educational excursions as part of your class, or you have free time to explore on your own.

Semester at Sea 

SIT International Honors Programs (IHP):
SIT has put together a collection of programs for students looking for comparative education options. These programs have specific focuses and visit usually three countries. The countries vary depending on the program you choose but possible combinations could be: Malawi, Italy and Ecuador; Bolivia, Morocco, and Vietnam; and Chile, Jordan, and Nepal.  IHP topics include: Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning & Politics; Climate Change: The Politics of Land, Water & Energy Justice; Food Systems: Agriculture, Sustainability & Justice; Health and Community: Globalization, Culture & Care; Human Rights: Movements, Power & Resistance; and International Relations: Global Governance, Human Security & Civil Society.

SIT IHP Programs

Ready to explore the world?