Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs

Explore new cultures and gain useful skills to succeed in today’s global society with one of our many short-term faculty-led programs over winter term, spring break, and during the summer.

From discovering sustainability innovations in Europe, to visiting international businesses in Australia, to examining educational trends worldwide, you will earn credits toward graduation while gaining an unforgettable experience.

Interested in learning more about the short-term programs available to you? Please visit our new program and online application site Education Abroad, create your free account, and explore our short-term faculty-led programs.

The International Center is planning on offering short-term programs again in 2023 including the Maymester study abroad programs for first- and second-year students.  Please check back for updates and details on our upcoming 2023 programs.

Your Short-Term Study Abroad Opportunities

This spring course with spring break travel component explores organizations in northern Spain addressing the need for sustainable business operations. We will study the social, environmental, and economic outcomes of worker-owned and conventionally-governed organizations in northern Spain.  A focal point is the Mondragon cooperatives. The sustainable operations of other businesses and a local government in the region, and regional culture are also addressed. The course includes 3 pre-travel classes, Spain travel, and one class afterward. This 3-credit course is most suitable for upperclassmen or graduate students and can be taken as IB 310 or IB 610, or as UISS 165.  Click here to view the program page and start your application.   

The University of Hartford is offering all first- and second-year students the opportunity to spend 7 – 10 days in May abroad in one of four locations:

  • Iceland/Prague (TBD, within the dates of May 9-26, 2024)
  • Rabat, Morocco (TBD, within the dates of May 9-26, 2024)
  • Rome, Italy (TBD, within the dates of May 9-26, 2024)
  • Seville, Spain (TBD, within the dates of May 9-26, 2024)

This is a great opportunity to spend your break immersing yourself in another culture!

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Latin American cinema with our nine-day study abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This unique and enriching experience offers students and film enthusiasts the opportunity to delve into the rich cinematic traditions of Latin America while exploring the cultural and historical context of Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas. This three-credit class will travel to Argentina over Spring Break, providing an immersive experience of museums, cinema, culture and beauty in one of the world's most vibrant cities. The UISA-D class also counts towards degree requirements in Cinema, Communications, and Digital Media & Journalism.

I loved taking classes in London, but just being abroad taught me lessons that you don’t learn in a classroom like how to navigate public transportation, how to travel in groups, to go with the flow, and important time management skills."

Rachel Bonaparte '19, Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

Ready to explore the world?