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Exchange and Visiting Students

Application Process for First-Year International Students

Exchange Student

If your University has a current partnership/exchange agreement with the University of Hartford you are welcome to apply as an exchange student. You may study as an exchange student for either one or two semesters. Your study will not lead to a degree. You will receive an academic transcript (record) that lists the subjects you've completed and the grade you've earned. An official transcript will be sent to your University upon completion of your study at Hartford. 

To confirm whether your University has an exchange agreements please check with your International Office or Ms. Nicole Kurker - Stewart at the University of Hartford.

T: 001.860.768.5101 / E:

Visiting Student

You are also welcome to come to the University as a visiting student.  A visiting student is one who is looking for an experience at the University for one or two academic terms. Upon completion of your academic term(s) you will be issued an official transcript indicating the credit earned. You will be permitted to enroll in a maximum of five subjects per term.

You will be required to provide both an academic transcript and proof that you have the required knowledge base in a subject prior to moving forward with your course registration. We will be glad to share descriptions of our subjects to insure that you receive credit for your study with your host institution.

Required Steps

Complete your Application

Please apply through the Visiting/Exchange Students Application.

Submit your Academic Records

Please send an electronic copy of your Academic transcript from your current University.  You must also mail a hard copy of this document to:

International Admission 
FASB University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford, CT 06117

Important: All transcripts presented in a language other than English must include a translation and grade conversions must be included. We will begin an admission review on the basis of an electronic copy but admission will only become final once we receive the official transcript/record.

Provide Proof of Financial Support

EXCHANGE STUDENTS attending the University on a formal exchange agreement will be required to prove that you can provide for the total cost of the following items

  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Insurance
  • Books and Supplies
  • Personal / Miscellaneous

You are not required to provide for tuition and fees as these are covered as part of the exchange agreement with your home University.

VISITING STUDENTS will attend for one/two semesters and do not require an exchange agreement with their home Universities to attend. Visiting students are charged 60% of the normal tuition and are not eligible for Scholarship.

Tuition for 2018-19

All other fees are the same as degree seeking students.

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