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Application Process

International Admission: How to Apply

Visa process

Learn about how we help you obtain a visa to study in the US and the paperwork needed. 

Visa requirements. 

Last year, over 500 international students and scholars enrolled in our programs of study at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We welcome international students of all levels to study with us for a semester, one year, or for their full degree program.

We understand that the application process can be overwhelming for international students. We are here to help! 

Application information for students who are:

First-Year Students

Select this option if you are currently enrolled in high school or secondary school, or if you have completed high school or secondary school, but have not started a degree. 

First-Year Student Application Process


Select this option if you have started a degree following completion of your high school or secondary school. 

Transfer Student Application Process

Exchange and Visiting

Select this option if you wish to attend as a non-degree student. You may enroll as a visiting student (independent) or an exchange student (home institution is a partner/sister school of the University of Hartford).

Exchange and Visiting Student Application Process

Graduate Students

Select this option if you wish to apply for a graduate-level program at the University of Hartford.

Graduate Student Application Process

English-Language Students

This special application is for international students who wish to study English as a Second Language at the University of Hartford. Applicants must be secondary school graduates and over the age of 18.

English Language Institute Application 

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

Revised admission procedures due to COVID-19

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the University of Hartford will make the following accommodations for International students applying for Undergraduate programs: 

Final year Academic Transcripts

For students who have demonstrated above average performance in the first years of high school will be considered without their final year results. 

English Testing

Students may submit results from the following online English tests:

  • IELTS indicator
  • Duolingo 
  • Duolingo China ONLY
  • TOEFL at home
  • Kuwaiti students must take IELTS at an official Testing center. Also the Duolingo is NOT accepted by the Ministry of Education Kuwait.

TEST Optional 

Students will be considered without SAT or ACT testing. 

Sending I-20's via email

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has given permission to US Universities  to send I-20's by email. For the Academic year 20-21, he University of Hartford will be sending I-20's by email.

I-20's sent by email as a scanned PDF's are fully approved and considered as true and legitimate documents. You will use this scanned document to complete the steps necessary to apply for the F-1 student visa. Your I-20 will contain the scanned signature of the University's Designated School Official (DSO).  

You will be receiving an alert email 24-48 hours prior to receiving your official I-20 by email. As noted in this message please check your I-20 to insure that all information is correct.

Deposit confirmation 

Enrollment confirmation will be extended to July 1 for all International undergraduate students.


Zoom Interviews are available to assist and support applicants. Please send your request to




You will be required to present the following results:

  • 2.75 (out of 4.0)
  • 3.75 (out of 5.0)
  • 80% (out of 100)
  • 70% (out of 100) India/Canada
  • GCSE: five *passes with grades of A,B or C. * Four of the five passes must be English, Mathematics, Natural/Physical Science, and Social Science
  • GCE: five * passes with grades of A,B or C. * Four of the five passes must be English, Mathematics, Natural/Physical Science, and Social Science

IB and AP Testing

These scores are not required for admission but may help to support your academic record. In some cases, students who fall below our admission standard have gained admission as a result of a good score on these exams. Submitting these scores can also strengthen candidacy for scholarship.

International Baccalaureate: An applicant's examination results will determine their eligibility for credit. Generally speaking the higher the score the more credit you will earn. No credit is awarded for Subsidiary level subjects.

Advanced Placement: Students scoring 3 and above will be considered for credit in their respective subject areas. 


If your native language is not English, you are required to prove your ability in the English Language. You can prove your ability in the following ways:

English Language Testing – Minimum Scores

  • IELTS - 6.5
  • TOEFL - 80 IBT
  • Pearsons - 58

Alternative methods for proving English proficiency

  • Successful completion of English Composition at a regionally accredited College or University in the United States with a grade of B or higher. Must be a traditional in class format online classes will NOT be accepted.
  • International Baccalaureate: English A1 or A2 with grade of 3 or higher
  • Advanced Placement English with a grade of 3 or higher
  • SAT Evidence based reading/writing 480 or higher
  • GCSE or GCE English Pass (syllabus A) with grade of A, B or C
  • A HKCEE English Pass with a grade of (Syllabus A) with a grade of A, B, C or D
  • Trinity ISE II Level: Pass in All module areas
  • EC Higher Education: Level B2+ Pre advanced

If you intend to pursue a degree at the University of Hartford but you do not meet our English language proficiency requirements, you will begin your studies in our on-campus English Language Institute.


An essay/example of your best writing is not required but is encouraged as a supplemental piece. An essay submitted for an English Course would be perfectly acceptable.


A recommendation letter is not required but is encouraged to help present a more complete picture of your potential. Character references are not encouraged.

Special requirements for students interested in Hartt and HAS

Students interested in The Hartt School

These degree programs are highly competitive and will require you to prove your  talent with an audition.Auditions are held on campus, throughout the US and you have the choice of submitting a videotaped/DVD to complete this requirement. You must prepare an audition of two or three contrasting works from the standard musical literature, major and minor scales, and technical studies where appropriate. For a complete listing of audition requirements please visit the Hartt School Admission page.

Students interested in the Hartford Art School

If you are making application to the Hartford Art School, you will be required to submit a portfolio of 15 examples of their best work. Of these 15 examples, five must be drawings (either in charcoal, pencil, pastel, conté crayon, or ink). These drawings may include self-portraits, still life, landscapes, and figure drawings. Photography, three-dimensional work, film, and video may also be included in your portfolio.

Portfolios may be mailed to the Office of Admission/International Admission in the form of 35-mm slides. Each slide must be numbered and labeled with your full name. Please also include a description of each slide, indicating the medium used, date completed, and size.


Proving financial support

You are required to present proof of financial support in one of the following four ways:

Guarantor's Statement of Financial Support

This must be signed by you and your sponsor and dated within six months of your intended semester at the University of Hartford.

  • First-year or transfer student form
  • Visiting or exchange student form

Statement of accounts

Statement of accounts from your sponsor’s bank indicating an amount equal to or greater than the dollar amount stated on the Tuition and Fees page under Total Required for I-20. This statement must be presented on stationary from your parents/sponsor's bank/lending institution.

Letter of Support (on bank letterhead)

Indicating a balance equal to or greater than the dollar amount stated on the Tuition and Fees page under Total Required for I-20. This letter should identify the account holder and his relationship to you.

Students from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or UAE 

Please provide a letter from your sponsor confirming that you will be receiving a government sponsored scholarship through SACM, The Kuwait Cultural Division or The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

*If you have been selected to receive a University Scholarship please subtract this amount from the total cost of attendance.

For the fastest review of your documents, please submit your documents via

Our Mailing Address
International Admission 
FASB University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford, CT 06117

Confirming your enrollment

Please insure that your application and all supporting documents are received by the dates indicated. Applications for admission as a first-year student are considered on a rolling basis beginning in September each year.

Once you have been accepted, please complete the following steps to confirm your enrollment and register for orientation:

Step 1: Pay your enrollment deposit

Login to our online deposit system with your personal login ID.  Your ID was previously emailed to you. You will also need your PIN # which is your Date of Birth (MMDDYY). If you have difficulty logging in, or do not have your PIN, do not create a new account. Email International Admission or call 860.768.4981 to request your login details.

If you cannot pay your deposit online, please follow these instructions:

Download our Admission Enrollment Form. Please type or print legibly, fill out completely, and mail to the University of Hartford. If you are paying by check, make the check payable to the University of Hartford, include your name and University of Hartford ID on the check, and staple it to the Admission Deposit Form. Forms submitted without proper payment will not be processed nor considered to have met the deadline.

Students from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Uae
You are not required to make your deposit payment. Instead, you are required to submit your scholarship letter from SACM, the Kuwait Cultural Division or The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. We will use your scholarship letter as your deposit payment. Please submit the Admission Enrollment Form to confirm your enrollment, personal information, and attendance at orientation.

Visiting and exchange students
Please submit the Admission Enrollment Form to confirm your enrollment, personal information and attendance at orientation.  At this time you cannot confirm your enrollment through our online deposit system.

Step 2: Complete your health forms

You will not be permitted to register for your classes until your health forms are received by the Health Services Office. Download and submit the forms here. 

Credentials Required for Admission


Argentina: Bachillerato,Licenciatura

Bahamas: 5 Academic BGCSE Level Subjects, Bachelor's degree

Barbados: 5 CXC/GCSE passes and 1 year of CAPE/A-level study, Bachelor's degree

Belize: 5 CXC/GCSE passes and 1 year of CAPE/A-level study, Bachelor's degree

Bermuda: 5 CXC/GCSE passes and 1 year of CAPE/A-level study, Bachelor's degree

Bolivia: Bachillerato, Licenciatura

Botswana: BGCSE, Bachelor's degree

Brazil: Certificado de Conclusao de Ensino Medio, Bacharel or Licenciado

Canada: OSSD, equivalent province diploma or 1st year of C.E.G.E.P., Bachelor's degree or the equivalent

Chile: Licencia Secundaria of at least 4-year duration, Bachillerato, Licenciatura, or Titulo

China: High School Graduation, Bachelor's degree

Colombia: Bachillerato, Licenciatura or Titulo


Dominican Republic: Bachillerato, Licenciatura of at least 4-year duration

Ecuador: Bachillerato, Licenciatura or Titulo

Egypt: General Secondary Certificate of Education, Bachelor's degree

El Salvador: Bachillerato, Licenciatura

France: Baccalaureat, Licence

Germany: Maturity Certificate, Diplomgrad, Staatsexamen, or Magister Artium

Greece: Apolytirion from Lyceum, Ptychion

Guatemala: Bachillerato, Licenciatura

Guyana: 5 CXC/GCSE passes and 1 year of CAPE/A-level study, Bachelor's Degree

Haiti: Baccalaureat Partie II, Diplome d'Etudes Superieures or Licence of at least 4-year duration

Honduras: Bachillerato, Licenciatura of at least 4-year duration

Hong Kong: 5 Subjects on Hong Kong Certificate of Education, Bachelor's degree


India: Higher Secondary School Certificate, Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Architecture, Master's degree in other subjects

Indonesia: STTB-S.M.U, Sarjana or Insinyur

Iraq: Baccalaureat, Bachelor's degree

Israel: Bagrut, Bachelor's degree

Italy: Diploma di Maturita, Laurea

Jamaica: 5 CXC/GCSE passes and 1 year of CAPE/A-level study, Bachelor's degree

Japan: High School Graduation, Bachelor's degree

Jordan: General Secondary Certificate of Education, Bachelor's degree

Korea: High School Graduation, Bachelor's degree (Taehak Taehakkyo)

Kuwait: General Secondary Certificate of Education, Bachelor's degree


Lebanon: Baccalaureat, Bachelor's degree, Licence of at least 4-year duration

Malaysia: 5 Subjects on Malaysian Certificate of Education, Bachelor's degree

Mexico: Bachillerato, Licenciatura of at least 4-year duration

Morocco: Baccalaureat, Licence of Ingenieur d'Etat

Netherlands: VWO or HAVO (+SAT I), Doctorandus, Ingenieur, or Meester

Nicaragua: Bachillerato, Licenciatura

Nigeria: 5 Academic Credits on SSCE/WASC or 5 academic GCSE Level Subjects, Bachelor's degree

Norway: Leaving Certificate from Upper Secondary School, Cand. Mag

Pakistan: Higher Secondary Certificate Bachelor's degree in Engineering or other 4-year, Bachelor's degree or Master's degree

Panama: Bachillerato, Licenciatura

Paraguay: Bachillerato, Licenciatura of at least 4-year duration

Peru: High School Graduation, Bachiller, Licenciatura or Profesor from a 4-year university program

Philippines: High School Graduation and NCEE results, Bachelor's degree


Saudi Arabia: General Secondary Certificate of Education, Bachelor's degree

Singapore: Minimum 5 academic GCSE passes and 1 year of A-Level study, Bachelor's degree

South Africa: Senior Certificate with Matriculation Exemption, Bachelor's degree

Spain: Bachillerato de Ensenanza Superior or COU, Licenciatura

Sweden: Matriculation Certificate, Filosofie Kandidatexamen or Ekonoexamen

Switzerland: Maturity Certificate, Licence or Diploma of at least a 4-year duration

Thailand: Matayom Suksa V, Bachelor's degree

Trinidad: 5 CXC/GCSE passes and 1 year of CAPE/A-level study, Bachelor's degree

Turkey: State Lycee Diploma, Lisans or Bachelor's degree

United Arab Emirates: Secondary School Certificate, Bachelor's degree

United Kingdom: Minimum 5 academic GCSE passes and 1 year of A-Level study, Bachelor's degree

Uruguay: Bachillerato, Licenciatura of at least 4-year duration

Venezuela: Bachillerato, Licenciatura or equivalent

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